Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exercise and Food Log 101511

Saturdays and Sundays are supposed to be my "rest days," but I gave myself the chance to walk to Colinas Verdes and jog around. However, I wasn't able to wake up early today. I know walking and jogging doesn't really have its own time (meaning you can do it anytime you want), but I prefer going there really early in the morning, because the place didn't have much trees (as it is a proposed housing area), once the sun's up, it was really hot and sunny.

Come afternoon, sister went to the mall, mom took a nap, and brother was busy chit-chatting with his girlfriend (via phone calls) inside his room. I felt I was alone in the house, and when I started to get bored and sleepy, I decided to just turn on the TV and the DVD player just to have something to do instead of sleeping.

Call me a bad person, but I do own a DVD with lots of fitness routines. I bought it last year while I was in La Union primarily because of Hip Hop Abs (the first DVD I bought in 2008 is already scratched), and I found it a good buy because the DVD had so many videos inside to help me mix up the routines. However, since it's a pirated copy, some videos I can't really enjoy because the audio doesn't match with the video. I am thankful that the Hip Hop Abs routines were okay, but today, I decided to check out the other videos.


TaeBo by Billy Blanks. When my friend Nathalie posted about her TaeBo workout, it made say to myself, "I think there's a TaeBo video in the DVD." I am not sure if the one I have is the same with hers, but yes, there is, and today I tried it. Initial reactions - The routine was a bit faster for me, but I guess I am feeling like that because it was my first time to try it and that I am still trying to find my way into the video. Also, some of the images were too close to the people in the video that at times I get lost in doing the routine. Since the sequences were fast, before I get to know how to properly do the sequence, I need to do a new one. Overall, I did find it a very nice and fun workout, as all the bouncing I did make me sweaty instantly; I just need to do it more often to get me familiarized with the sequences.

Oh by the way, the video and audio of this workout jives with each other, so hooray for that. :)

Aero Kae-Bo

Aero-Kae-Bo by Pia Guanio. After a few minutes of rest and three cups of slightly cold water, I went on to check the other videos. There's another Kae-Bo video, but this one's locally produced. One thing I don't like about locally produced fitness videos is that the celebrities were just there as a background. I am not sure if that's their way of marketing the video, but in a way I don't like the videos to be called "Blah Blah Fitness with Blah Blah Celebrity" yet when you check the video, they weren't the ones leading the group. Anyway, I appreciated this one because even if Pia was with an Aero-Kae-Bo instructor, the warm up exercises were led by Pia and the part of the video were of two of them doing the routines. This is more subtle than the one by Billy Blanks, and I think the two Tae-Bo videos go together well.

I think I will just do these two videos every weekends, just so I don't neglect my fitness during these days.

Lunch 101511

My food intake for today:
  • 9:02am - 2 pieces sliced loaf bread (toasted) + 1 tablespoon corned beef mixed with mayonnaise
  • 12:24pm - 1 cup bagoong fried rice, 80 grams steamed crab (with shells), 60 grams pork steak, 1 cup coffee (Nescafe Brown n' Creamy)
  • 5:30pm - 3 pieces Rosquillos
  • 6:37pm - 1 cup rice, 1 cup ampalaya and ground pork with sotanghon, 50 grams Magnolia Ice Cream (French Vanilla Mudpie)

Total Cups of Water: 16

It really pays to read the label (I learned to read the label through Dr. Mehmet Oz - author of "You on a Diet" when he guested in Oprah eons ago); for my afternoon snacks, I was supposed to eat 5 pieces of Rosquillos, but when I read that one serving of 3 pieces is already 122 calories, I decided to just go for 3 pieces instead of 5. :)

I am happy today. Are you? I sure hope so.

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