Monday, October 17, 2011

Exercise and Food Log 101611

My Friends

Today I continued exploring the DVD and other fitness materials we have at home. This Ab Rocket machine was something brother bought more than a year ago - he has a big tummy and seeing the infomercial made him purchase this - though he bought this at a Sports store at the mall near our place. Well, as with the case of me back then, after a few days of using this, brother stopped using it and it has been in our storage room since then. While cleaning my room before I moved back in, I saw the DVD for the machine and for today, I decided to pop the DVD and use the machine.

The beginner routine was only for a good 5 minutes, but I really had a difficult time finishing it, because my tummy muscles couldn't hold on being on an arch position even if I had the machine as my leverage. Still, I had a good time trying it, and might try doing it again - as my short workout before sleeping.


Back to my DVD, it had a video for Yoga, which I tried doing for 10 minutes. I wasn't able to finish it because the routines required stretching the muscles, and because it was my first time to try it, my muscles were shocked to say the least. Oh well, I don't think I will dive into the whole Yoga thing, but I think I will stick to the TaeBo and Aero-Kae-Bo as my weekend workouts.

Late afternoon, I had a good walk (though not long) when sister and I went to Tungko to buy dinner at Chowking.

Adobong Kangkong

My food log for today:
  • 8:06am - 1 piece sliced loaf bread cooked as French Toast (dipped in egg and milk)
  • 12:03pm - 1 cup garlic fried rice, Adobong Sitaw (70 grams sitaw + 50 grams ground pork with chopped onions, garlic, and ginger cooked in 2 tablespoons vinegar, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, seasoned with cracked pepper and bay leaf), 50 grams Magnolia Ice Cream (French Vanilla Mudpie)
  • 3:49pm - 1 pack Presto Creams cookie sandwich - peanut butter flavor (1 pack = 3 cookie sandwiches)
  • 6:33pm - 1 cup rice, 1/2 Chowking Lomi, 4 pieces Chowking Siomai, 1/4 Chowking Buchi

Total Cups of Water: 18

My weekend has been good. With renewed spirits, I am now excited to welcome Week 2 of my journey.

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