Thursday, January 26, 2012

Smile... Go Crazy!

Day 116
25 January 2012

Day 2 of dealing with Bloody Mary and I am still in deep discomfort. I just stayed at home because I was so dizzy (I normally get dizzy this time of the month), and because my lower back and tummy were aching, I just took this day to relax and deal with the pain...

Crazy Beautiful Halter Crazy Beautiful going crazy!

This green halter top was something I bought many years back (possibly in 2008), but I didn't really get to wear it that often because my arms were so big and even if the lower part of the blouse was loose, bulges around my tummy would still show, so in the rare times that I wore this, it was just at home. I tried wearing it again (just because) and sister said I should wear it during a beach trip if I have the chance. I think I might.

Papaya Flowers

Later this afternoon, brother wanted to go to the nearby supermarket (just near the market), and because I needed to at least help myself by not wasting the day, I walked with him. It turned out to be a good decision because I was able to cross paths with a former high school classmate, whom I haven't seen for 10+ years. We weren't able to talk because she and her husband were about to get in a tricycle, but we were able to exchange smiles and waves. Hopefully soon, we will be able to catch up on the old times.

Upon getting home, I went to the garden to pull out some weeds. I just noticed that my papaya tree is actually male and can't bear fruits, but as sad as I was, I guess I would just have to try again.

I have been a member of Belle Today since 2008, but I admit I am not a very active member and I still haven't cultivated real friendships, so when they posted that they will be having a Community Challenge this February, I told them to count me in, as this will be a good avenue to be friends with the members of the community.

No Sweets Challenge? No sweat for me! Errr... or is it? Let's see!

If you want to join us and/or if you want to read the complete mechanics of this challenge, please click HERE.

taken from - Pilipinas Roadtrip

One thing that gave me a big smile today: the promise of an upcoming Ilocos trip. Well, if you back read on this blog, I already shared that I plan to do one with our neighbor Ria, but while eating dinner, mom told me Miss Nerie (one of her close friends at work) found a package trip to Ilocos and mom already signed up for it, saying she also listed me as one of the participants. They plan to do the trip sometime this April and I think I will just ask Ria to sign up for it so she can travel with us.

Checking Pilipinas Roadtrip's page, I found their itinerary:
ILOCOS TOUR- P3450 per pax

Day 00
08.30pm Assembly Manila
09.00pm ETD from Manila to Ilocos

Day 1
05.30am Sunrise viewing at Bantay Bridge
06.00am ETA at Vigan, Breakfast Café uno (own account)
07.00am Proceed Baluarte, Crisologo Museum, Burnayan, Bantay Bell Tower
11.00pm ETD Vigan to Batac
12.30pm ETA Batac lunch, Foodcourt meals at (own account)
01.00pm Proceed at Marcos Museum, Paoay Church, Malacaniang ti Amianan (Malacañang of the North)
02.30pm ETA Laoag City
03.00pm ETA Cape Bojeador Light House, Bangui windmill
06.00pm ETA Pagudpud (rest)

Day 2
06.00am Wake-up call. Breakfast (own account)
08.00am Proceed to Patapat bridge, Paraiso ni Anton , Bagong Lipunan
11.00am early lunch.(we can buy fresh fish, and have it cook at the beachside with a minimal fee)
12.30pm ETD Blue Lagoon proceed to Bantay Abot Cave, Blue Lagoon, free time to explore the beach
02.30pm ETA Kabigan falls jump off (20 min trek to the falls)
04.30pm ETA from the falls
05.00pm ETA Pagudpud town, food trip empanada, vigan langgonisa etc.
05.30pm ETA resort (end of day 2)

Day 3
06.00am Wake up call Breakfast (own account). Check out.
07.00am Check out.
07.30am ETD Pagudpud.
08.15am ETA Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
11.30pm ETA Vigan
12.30pm ETA Vigan,lunch at Hidden Garden(own account), souvenir hunting
03.00pm ETD Vigan
10.00pm ETA Manila
p3450 per person... not bad, actually, considering the travel and the accommodation is already part of the package, we will just have to shoulder the food and other expenses (like souvenir shopping). Although I am not much a fan of packaged tours because I feel time may not be enough to go around and enjoy the place, I guess this would be a good trip to do, and is much cheaper compared to doing the trip on my own. Mom will shoulder the expenses for this trip - she said she will give this trip as her birthday gift to me. Oh wow. Amazing!

Edit - told Ria about the trip, and she's in. Yehey!

Biggest smile for today comes from this video - my super duper favorite band Hanson just released a video inviting fans for their upcoming shows here in the Philippines. About 64 days to go and I still don't have a ticket for it... hopefully soon I can purchase the ticket - I don't want to miss out on the good seat. Getting the VIP Patron seat will be amazing (the closer the better of course), but even if I just get the Lowerbox ticket, I will be fine - as long as I am in the first row of the Lowerbox area. Crossing fingers that I can get to watch this concert - Hanson's part of my life and seeing them perform right in front of my eyes (again - as I did get to watch their 2004 concert here in the Philippines) will definitely a dream come true.

Planets, align for me please!

Tilapia and Ampalaya

My food today:
  • 7:33 am - 1/2 cup garlic rice; 4 pieces fried Chicken spring rolls; 1 cup Nescafe brown and creamy coffee
  • 1:15 pm - 1/2 cup rice, 1 piece fried chicken drumstick
  • 6:58 pm - 1/2 cup rice; 1/2 cup Ampalaya with Chicken and Sotanghon; 1 piece fried Tilapia
Total Cups of Water: 12

Wow, three rice meals, three fried dishes each meal. Yikes.


  1. That dress/halter looks great on you! Love your blog name, too!

  2. That dress is adorable on you. Enjoy your trip :)

  3. Wow you drink a lot of water....good for you! Thanks for sharing your day.


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