Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Weigh-In

My last post was on January 1; I hoped to update the weight change that day, too, but sharing Internet juice with one desktop, 1 laptop (my Aunt's) and 1 WiFi enabled phone (my sister's), blogging has been one of the things I was having difficulty with, plus the fact that life is sort of getting in the way (not complaining, though... I love my busy life).

It's 05 January now, got 4 days of recap on the way, but let me update my weight first.

January 2012

* I was so busy I wasn't really able to have a decent solo picture, so I am using this picture with my sister, taken on New Year's Day *

Truth be told, I dread this month's weigh in. I weigh myself twice every month - every 1st and 15th of the month - but after Christmas day, I found myself checking my weight every morning (Dr. Beck said on her book that this is okay) to help me stay on track even if I am slightly slipping off of it.

Since the family didn't have any visitors and we didn't cook that much for Christmas, cake was the only temptation I had (which I grabbed), and one stellar moment happened on 27 December - I saw my weight go down at 199lbs., but after that weigh-in, Aunt Bing and her family arrived, and I just found myself eating more than the usual... and I got a little lazy to exercise.

With that, my weight come January first was:

Weigh In January 2012

I was so sleepy and not in the mood that day, that I used my cell phone (didn't bother to check if it was blurry or not). The image wasn't accurate, and I would like to claim that it reads 201lbs. because the red ticker isn't really at the center of 202lbs., but since it's slightly above 91 kilos, my sister suggested I read that as 202lbs., because claiming 201lbs., would make a liar. Mmmmkay then.

From last month's 207lbs., I am down to 202lbs.
A loss of 5 lbs. this month.

Since I saw the scale at 199lbs. a few days before, seeing 202 made me feel bittersweet. Of course, I am super happy with 5lbs., but part of me was thinking - "What if I didn't allow myself to binge?" Truly, the most painful of questions starts with "What If."

I claim 5lbs. as a big victory. Why?
  • I still haven't had a drop of soda and juice / iced tea. I do drink Yakult now, but other than that, water and coffee were the only beverages I had.
  • I didn't allow myself to drink any alcoholic beverages. Friends and family called me KJ (Kill Joy), but this is my body and my health. I still was able to mingle and party with them on New Year's Day with a glass of water.
  • I have had several injuries this month - I had blisters on both of my Achilles' Heels, then I got hit by a motorcycle... putting further delay on my morning walks and video workouts.
  • I was too darn lazy and way too emotional this month.

During my first month, I lost 6lbs. and I was very strict on my fitness routines. Despite the dark cloud of December, I managed to lose 5lbs., so I was very happy with it.

02 January, I meet up with Mr. Pipoy and we had a very intimate talk about goals and plan of action. This month, I am targeting to lose 5lbs at least - but of course if I lose more it will be better, if I lose less, then I have to accept it. One thing Mr. Pipoy made clear was the term "commitment." I do recognize how committed he is to me and our partnership as far as weight-loss is concerned, and yes, I do have to be as committed as he is to this. He has given me everything I needed (and more) - motivation, support, love, even fitness materials. I admit December made me feel slightly half-hearted to it, so he just reminded me and sort of gave me a wake up call to help me get back into the zone.

I am currently on "extended vacation" until this weekend because Aunt Bing is still here in our house and I still couldn't do any of my video workouts. Since it's now Thursday and I still have so many things to do (laundry is one of them), I will just let myself do the extra-curricular activities first before I totally immerse myself into the fitness zone.

For the three weeks of January, my goals are:

  • To lose at least 5lbs.
  • Morning walk / jog every weekday.
  • Give more focus in toning the arms and thighs.
  • Start with the Jillian Michaels' "30 Day Shred Program"
  • Learn how to use the jumping rope.
  • Be strict on food intake.
  • Cakes / juice / indulging dishes are only allowed when I attend blog events and food trips with friends (but won't truly indulge - a little of each is enough)

I have to be strict on myself because I tend to lax if I am not. In November, I was so strict on myself that I lost 13lbs., I want to be as committed as that again.

5 lbs. in three weeks?
I can do this!

I will list my weekly goal on Sunday.

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