Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's Jump Rope!

Ipinanganak ka para maging maligaya.
(You were born to be happy.)
- Coca-Cola TVC

Day 115
24 January 2012


I wasn't able to set my alarm, but I was so thankful that my sister woke me up that morning. I am glad that she took the initiative for us to go to Colinas Verdes to do our morning routine. There is a big possibility that she will be back to work next week, so I need to make the most of the remaining days of sharing fitness days with her.

Jump Rope Jump Rope

Sis and I

I decided to bring the jump rope Mr. Pipoy gave to me because I still haven't used it. Sister and I walked 'til we reached the model houses, then make a right turn so that people jogging / walking won't see us really. Hahahaha.

We took turns in using the rope. Counting the jumps I made, I was able to do about 20+ jumps continuously, and I am loving it! Though of course, I'd get sweaty and all after that, but I soooo enjoyed it. I just felt sad for the rope, though... since it's made of leather and the road was rough, it was so obvious that the middle part of the rope was scratched and sort of looked worn out. Mr. Pipoy said maybe I should just use it on smooth surface (he was calling me every now and then - thanks, love).

Both sister and I didn't eat dinner last night because of the super-duper heavy lunch we had yesterday. After about 100 jumps from each of us, sister said she was already feeling the hunger and maybe we should head back home. Ohhhhkay. I guess what we did today was already okay - at least we did something to contribute to the weight loss/fitness.


Walking back, I spotted this huge caterpillar. Part of me admired the little chubby one for holding on to that leaf for his dear life, and yes, I can relate a little bit. This one taught me that I should just hold on and keep doing what I am doing and in time I will be a beautiful butterfly -- err, this one will be a moth, but regardless, change will be great!

I wasn't able to do any of my other exercises because Bloody Mary came today. I was in deep discomfort - my lower tummy ached so bad, and I just felt dizzy the entire afternoon.

Tilapia and Alukon Dinengdeng

My food intake today:
  • 8:47 am - 1 serving Pansit Palabok (minus the egg); 1 cup Nescafe brown n' creamy coffee
  • 1:03 pm - 1/4 cup rice; 1/2 salted egg with chopped tomatoes and shallots
  • 4:02 pm - 5 pieces breaded squid rings with sweet - chili vinegar dip
  • 6:49 pm - 1/2 cup rice; 1/2 cup leftover Alukon Dinengdeng (alukon, lima beans, sweet potatoes, small shrimps, moringa leaves cooked with water seasoned with fermented fish paste); 1 slice ripe papaya
Total Cups of Water: 13
I went to bed way too early tonight because of Bloody Mary. I am thankful that I still haven't skipped a month since July 2004... but I really don't like it when "she's" around - total discomfort!

and then, she {snapped} NapTime MomTog


  1. I love to jump rope. Don't scream but I do as many as 1500-2000jumps on days I dedicate to jumping rope. Haven't done it in a while though since I've fallen in love with the elliptical. :-)

    I admire the way you are able to take 1/2 or 1/4 cup of rice with your meals. The best I've done is 1 cup and that's it for the day. That's my two servings of grains. lol! Sorry for the long comment.

  2. Wow! I wish I can do that, too! My knees are quite weak, though.

  3. thanks for joining tina´s ww with this nice pics :)


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