Tuesday, January 10, 2012

08 and 09 of January

Day 100
08 January 2012

Chicken Inasal

Us three girls (mom, sister, and I) went to the tiangge to shop for clothes and other stuff. In Philippine calendar, Christmas season starts on the first day of September and ends on the first Sunday of January. This day being the last day of Christmas season, this is basically the last day to buy affordable goodies as stall owners will pack up by the end of the day. It was raining - the tarp they used as roof for shoppers had holes that us shoppers tend to get wet, so I decided not to take random pictures anymore.

Anyway, we were able to buy some clothes and some home items. The home items were quite heavy, so even if sister and I wanted to visit the salon and get a haircut, we decided not to anymore. Maybe on sister's next day off, we can finally get that much needed haircut.

It will be daddy's birth anniversary the day after this, but because it will fall on a Monday and that sister's shift at work will be from 11am-8pm and that I will be attending an event on that day as well, mom told us we will just eat dinner today. That dinner turned out to be a heavy snack (around 4:30pm) and we decided to eat Mang Inasal. I only ate a piece of chicken with rice and some Sardines Spring Rolls and didn't eat dinner (or midnight snack) after that food trip.

Now comes the "problem." Lately, I see myself eating a whole lot for breakfast (exceeding my usual 1/2 cup rice) then come lunch time I won't have the appetite to eat. For today, I ate heavy breakfast then the heavy snacks at Mang Inasal and that was it. Not really healthy... and I need a very serious self-contemplation to help me get back on track.

Day 101
09 January 2012

Another lazy day for me - thanks to the morning rain showers. I told myself I will use this day to help myself get out of the rut and get back my blogging on track (my two photo blogs weren't updates for days possibly weeks now). I was about to cancel my date with my friend Ethel, when Mr. Pipoy called me around 2pm and asked if I would like to meet up with him before his shift at work. I was a bit hesitant because he had the flu this weekend and I felt he needed all the rest he can get before he stormed another work week, but when he asked the question, "Yes or No?" I quickly said yes. After that call, I quickly got myself ready to meet up with Ethel first before meeting up with Mr. Pipoy. Monday will be a great day, for sure!

Sam, Ethel, Jenn

Sam, Ethel, Jenn

It was around 4pm when I arrived at our meeting place. Ethel (the one in blue) was already waiting for me and after the initial "Hi, how are you now?" line, we just started talking about different things about life and the people around us. She sent Sam (the one in black) a message saying we were together and after an hour, she arrived. Sam has been a friend of mine - both at the forum and on Facebook - but we haven't personally met yet. Last 30 December, I was supposed to meet both Ethel and Sam, but I had to be with family. It felt great to finally see them!

Since it was just us three and we were outside Starbucks (both of them smoke), we couldn't find someone to take our pictures. We couldn't find that balance to have us three at the center of the frame, so we decided to just wait for Mr. Pipoy to arrive so he could take a picture of us.

Mr. Pipoy and Ethel got to "meet" first at the forum before I met Mr. Pipoy, but as fate allowed it, Mr. Pipoy and I became much closer and eventually entered the relationship. Ethel was the very first person at the forum who knew about my relationship with Mr. Pipoy, because being a woman, I needed that friendly woman's advice - as Ethel has been into several relationships, and I knew I could learn a lot from her. True enough, her words did help me be confident about being a girlfriend. Best advice she has given? "Always treat yourself above every woman. You being the girlfriend meant you've got something that all the other girls don't have."

Thanks, sis.

Sam, Ethel, Jenn

Sam, Ethel, Jenn

A little after 6pm, Mr. Pipoy arrived. After the initial introductions and two pictures taken by Mr. Pipoy, we quickly bid Sam and Ethel goodbye. Well, he and I only have 5-6 hours together before his shift at work, we have to maximize that time together.

I wasn't able to take a picture of our dinner, but we had KFC tonight. I went for the hot and crispy chicken with coleslaw and he had the the chicken a la king rice bowl, then we shared a large container of the fries. We took the food out and ate it at our "home away from home" - and it was so funny that we didn't have the bag didn't have coleslaw, but it did had another rice bowl. We were pissed about the coleslaw (I love pairing my h&c chicken with coleslaw), but seeing two rice bowls made us laugh about it.

I loved my alone time with Mr. Pipoy tonight. We didn't talk much about my fitness goals... we just shared the love, most of the time we were together.

If only the walls could talk.

part two is my most favorite;
some sensitive topics used.. please watch at your own risk

More reasons to be happy for this day:
  • Ethel gifting me with the 2012 Starbucks Planner (Cherry)
  • Ethel saying, "You sure lost a lot of weight."
  • Mr. Pipoy allowing me to eat chicken thigh.
  • Massaging his aching head.
  • A whole lotta lovin'.
  • Watching Jeff Dunham's "Spark of Insanity - Walter" act via his iPhone- I can say this would be our first "movie date."
  • Hearty laughs.
  • Getting home safe.
  • Keeping the lights on.

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