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The Last Few Days of 2011

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Day 89
28 December 2011

28dec02 28dec01

Even if my ankle is much, much better now, I still wasn't able to go out and walk in the morning because it rained. Not that heavy, but enough to make one stay home. I still couldn't do any of my video workouts because it would require me to dance / bounce; I might re-injure my ankle.

I decided to just clean my closet and then walk around the market come afternoon.


Unfortunately, I was so lazy to jot down my food, so this whole post wouldn't contain the itemized list of food I ate. For this day's dinner, I had 1/2 cup of rice, 1/3 cup of Ginisang Kangkong and Daing na Bangus.

Day 90
29 December 2011

29dec01 29dec02

It was around 1 or 2am when Aunt Bing and her daughters arrived from Pangasinan. Her Candian friend Siegy will be arriving from Canada later tonight, and since they needed to fetch him at the airport, they had to be here early to give them time to rest before going to the airport.

My sleep was interrupted, but I still was able to go out and walk. It felt good to walk again, and seeing the wonderful sights made me thank the heavens for healing my ankle quite quick.


My food wasn't so good today - I remember not eating lunch because our dining area was already full (whenever we have relatives here, us siblings either eat earlier or later than them). I remember eating late lunch / early dinner at around 4:30pm - and I had 1/2 cup of rice and 1/2 cup of Dinengdeng (mostly yard long beans and a few squash slices).

Day 91
30 December 2011


30dec02 30dec03

No need to be lazy today; weigh-in is coming in a few days and I had to be in tip-top shape come first day of next month. I walked for 1 hour and 45 minutes today, and I really felt good!

More walking today: brother and I went to the supermarket to buy goods for the New Year's countdown party. Mom and Aunt Bing finally settled the dishes to be served, so to stay away from the hectic check-out lines at the grocery, brother and I had to go early.

30dec06 30dec07

When we got home, I immediately prepared to go out again - meeting up with my friend Riveria and another blue board member, Samantha Jones. However, while combing my hair, my mom came to me and talked to me with "Puss in Boots" eyes asking me to cancel my meet-up with pals and just come with Aunt Bing and her family because they wanted to take Siegy and his girlfriend to SM Mall of Asia. Mom told me none of my siblings wanted to come with them (sister left early for the Pizza Hut event - where we were both invited, actually) and I was mom's only hope to tour them around. I couldn't say no to my mom, so I went with them.

It seemed to be a good idea as I was able to see two places related to my past: the Delos Santos Hospital - where I was born and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - where I studied college.

30dec05 30dec04

After picking up Siegy and his girlfriend at the hotel (G Hotel along Roxas Blvd.), we quickly went to SM Mall of Asia. Nothing much to do, really.... Siegy was a little worried about his cash situation and my Aunt wasn't in the mood to roam much (kinda like my mom, really), so after seeing some views, we quickly eat early dinner.


After dinner, Siegy still wanted to roam around - asking us if we wanted to watch a movie or maybe do something else, but my aunt was giving him lotsa reasons not to do so. I did mention about fireworks every weekend nights, so we went to check it first before heading home.

I honestly hoped I just met up with Rivs and Sam then attend the Pizza Hut event, but something good came up from this trip - I became closer to my cousins (we also picked up cousin Rommel on our way to MOA), and I think that was a nice gift; I wasn't close to much of my maternal relatives, at least now I made the first step.


I had quite a heavy breakfast with sis, but I wasn't able to eat lunch because brother and I came home late and I had to fix myself quick for the next trip. For early dinner, we at at Fish & Co. in SM Mall of Asia, and this picture was part of my dinner. Aside from that, I also had another prawn and a cut of chicken (as big as the fish on the left side of the picture) from the second platter we had.

It wasn't enough of food for me. Traveling home, I asked Alfon (the driver - husband of my cousin Roselle) to enter a drive thru so I could buy something to eat. I had the Jollibee hotdog meal - but I didn't eat all of the fries and I gave Alfon my softdrinks cup.

Day 92
31 December 2011


Wasn't able to walk today, and this was such a hectic day for the family. We cleaned the house, re-arranged furniture and decorated the house for tonight's party. We all helped cutting the ingredients and prepare the dishes, and as early as noon time, the star of the table arrived: the lechon. In my 31 years of existence, this was the first time we've had one whole roasted pig on our table, and as much as I wanted to attack it and indulge, I just couldn't. This picture above was just for posing... I didn't really give it a taste; all just for fun.


For dinner, we have a few more relatives over, and while I wasn't the super-friendly / sociable relative, I did give myself the chance to socialize with the other members of the family. My outfit didn't give me much justice, but most of them commend the weight loss. They all said it was noticeable that I already lost weight.

31dec01 31dec04

Our other relatives left around 10pm so they could welcome the new year in their own homes, so us left at home just prepared to welcome 2012. I wasn't that good - part of me was sad / depressed / hurt / jealous, but sister coming over my room and lied next to me, hugging me made me feel much, much better.

By 11:30pm, we all went out of the house to wait for the skies to light up - we don't have fireworks / firecrackers, so we just watched the show along our street.


While I didn't eat the shiny lechon, my food choices today wasn't at all good either. I ate a lot of the breaded cream dory fish sister and I cooked, and I found myself scooping more and more of the spaghetti as well as munch on the grapes and the "surprise bread" Aunt Bing prepared (it had a mix of cream cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise). Around 7pm, my siblings and my cousins realized the cooler was already empty, so we made a quick trip (us siblings with cousin Jayze and Alfon) to Lagro to buy drinks. They bought 8 cans of San Mig Light, 2 cans of Red Horse, 8 bottles of Tanduay Ice. I made a vow never to drink alcoholic beverage for this celebration, so I just asked brother to buy me an ice cream at 7-11. It was way too much for my tummy to handle, but I allowed myself to be such a glutton today.

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