Thursday, January 19, 2012

Of Walk Trips and Food Trips

If you are spending too many days
doing things that bring you unhappiness,
then you are not honoring
the gift of your time on earth.
- BigFatMommaG's Tweet

Day 110
18 January 2012

Using "Phoebe" texture by Kim Klassen

What a fun day day today - I was able to go out and walk with sister. Most of the grasses near the roads were cut, so there weren't much interesting subjects to take pictures of, but I did see this wildflower, which surely captured my interest.

Sis' name

Walking to the Clubhouse, sister and I weren't just walking - we also shared stories about many things... we may be seeing each other everyday, but we don't run out of stories to share. Mr.Pipoy would call once in a while, and since the family already knows about our relationship, my sister would at times blurt out words as if she could hear what we were talking about (well, she could only hear my words). I complained about not seeing much subjects to photograph, and surprise surprise... we saw a name along the road. My sister's name is Jesselyn, so seeing this on the road made us stop for a while to photograph it.

Air was so densed. Even if we were walking at a leisurely pace, it felt as if we were exerting too much effort. Sister and I decided we would just walk, but somewhere along the way, we would be playful and would chase each other - instant jog/run there! Hahahaha.

Sis Climbing Stairs

We found another way to enter the pool side of the Clubhouse. It would require for us to climb down the steep stairway, and as we tried to take pictures of us, we sort of climb the stair up and down. Taking pictures can be tiring, whew! :)

I wasn't able to do "Bump and Burn" video workout today, but I was able to do "Les Mills House" workout, which is about 20 minutes. I found it really fun to do, can't wait for Saturday to come so I can do it again!

Silk Thai Cuisine

Later in the afternoon, I traveled to Serendra (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig) to attend the re-launch of Silk Thai Cuisine. I received an invitation through e-mail from the restaurant's PR company, and since I loved Thai food the first time I tasted it and I look forward to taste more Thai dishes, I quickly sent an RSVP to the event. It was a rather simple event - no talks... just pure eating! :) Entering the restaurant, I recognized one blogger (I attended a few events with him), and while waiting for the restaurant to fill up, we thought we might be the only two food bloggers at the event - some were from print (newspaper and magazine), some were maybe friends of the restaurant's owners.

Silk Thai Cuisine

We sampled eight dishes. Most dishes were served on small plates, while some were served for the group to share. Dishes we ate:
  • Fresh Thai Spring Rolls - Their take on the Vietnamese dish, was able to eat my share of the spring roll, which I ate with two kinds of dip (though I didn't put that much dip).
  • Seafood Satay - a cut/piece each of Snapper, squid, and shrimp. Though it's my favorite dish that night, I only ate one skewer.
  • Shrimp and Coriander Filled Pastry - Ate a piece of it, with dipping sauce.
  • Vegetable Filled Roti - Ate one piece of it, with dipping sauce.
  • Chiang Mai Curry Noodles - Though the bowl was small, I only ate half of it.
  • Thai Style Beef with Oyster Sauce - Another favorite; ate what was on my sample plate. It wasn't much, though... the green garnish was the tip part of the Kaffir Lime leaf, so as you can see, the sample size didn't have much in it.
  • Thai Style Apple and Mango Salad - About a tablespoon of salad on the small saucer, I ate all of it.
  • Crispy Salt and Pepper Fried Squid with Coriander Root - Ate three pieces of it.
Overall, it was an awesome food trip. We weren't served the known Thai dish (Pad Thai), but they gave us p500 GC by the end of the event, so if ever I have a trip to Serendra, I might use it to taste their Pad Thai noodles.
Other food I ate during the day -
  • 8:59 am - 1 serving Pancit Palabok; 1 cup Nescafe brown n' creamy coffee
  • 12:24 pm - 1/2 cup rice; Shrimp Omelet, 1 glass Pine-Orange juice
  • 6:30 pm - Food trip at Silk Thai Cuisine
Total Cups of Water - 9 cups taken at home; 3 glasses of water while at Silk Thai Cuisine
Since the start of the week, all is happy, bright and shiny. I thank the heavens for all the happiness and blessings coming my way.

ps - both blouses I wore on this post were my mom's. Super thankful that I can fit into most of her clothes now... but of course there were a few that are still small for me to fit into. I will get there in time.


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