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05, 06, and 07 of January

Saying "I have a lot of backlogs" is an understatement. I still haven't fully found that state where my blogs are all in-sync, so for now, another multiple days recap.

Day 97
05 January 2012

Bloggy Pals at Teacup

Bloggy Pals at Teacup

A few days before 2011 ended, I received a message from Janese, asking if I am available on 05 January for some food tasting with fellow bloggers. I have received different invitations before related to food and blogging, but this one would be the very first event I will attend for 2012, so I immediately said yes. Coming home from Pangasinan late at night yesterday sort of made me second guess if I can attend this, but reminding myself that this will be the very first event of the year, I woke up early to prepare for this.

There were 7 of us bloggers for this food trip - Janese, FPJjr., JayL, Flow, myself, and Aylin (check the second picture to put the faces behind the names). Jinkee was there, too, but she left early, so she wasn't part of the "class picture." Anyway, none of them are close friends of mine, but I have attended several events with them in the past. Food trip happened at Teacup located along Mother Ignacia in Quezon City. We were able to meet with the owner of the cafe, and yes... the food we ate are "on the house."

Lunch at Teacup

They served us two kinds of rice meals: Beef Salpicao and Chicken Cordon Bleu. FPJjr. was late, so at first there were just six of us, three (including me) got the Beef Salpicao plate, the other three got the Chicken Cordon Bleu plate. The picture above was what was left on my plate - I only ate two small cubes of the beef and a slice of JayL's chicken (the end part), just so I could taste it. They also served us Meaty Lasagna and I only took an inch thick slice, and a few sip of the coffee and iced Assam Milk Tea. For desserts, we were served Chocolate Fudge Cake and Ube Halaya cake, and again, I only tasted it, so that I have something to write about on my blog.

We left Teacup around 2pm... I was hoping I could meet with Riveria today, but she was busy, so I decided to head home so I could give sister the Oatmeal Cookie they gave each of us as a parting gift.

Day 98
06 January 2012

Kitty Oreo Bite the Tape

Today was a lazy day. So lazy I sort of forgotten what happened today.

I really need to go to the bookstore and buy that executive planner so I could have a place to write in the things I did for the day.

Just one memorable thing happened - I took selfie pictures with "Resolution" as a prompt. Well, not that awesome of a photo shoot, it sure was risky stepping on the scales with 2-inch high sandals. :)

Day 99

07 January 2012

Having been able to set foot on Hundred Islands for the first time a few days ago, I think I am starting to love this "Live life to the fullest" mantra. Today, I visited another new place: Wawa Dam in Rodriguez, Rizal.

This trip has been planned for sooooo long. My friend Nathalie and I have planned to go there since last year (or maybe last last year), but we just couldn't find that day for us to go. When I got to chat with another friend from the blue board (Jeff), he told me he could tour us around. It started a much serious planning, but because our schedules would not permit it, the trip was always put on hold. Late last year, I got the chance to chat with Jeff again and I told him this trip has to push through January of 2012. When Nathalie opened the topic a few days ago, I sent Jeff a message to ask his schedule. Well, I told him Mr. Pipoy and I have plans to meet on the 15th, and Jeff is celebrating his birthday a week after that, so the only time available was the 7th and the 29th. We immediately made the decision to push through with this trip on the 7th, since all of us are available.

Jeff is one of first few people I got to be friends with at the forum. Even then, he and I have treated each other like siblings - I call him "kuya," he calls me "ate," but we are of the same age. We have planned to meet personally since then - as he is a forrester and he wanted to help me with taking pictures of nature, but all were plans - of course, he still has to ask their office for approval. Anyway, going back to our trip... all of us met around 8am then we quickly traveled to Rizal. Weee!!!

Bamboo Rafting

After a short chat with people from DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources), we made a short trek then took the bamboo raft to help us get across the river. Forrester Susi and two guides from the local baranggay were there to assist us, and before we checked the actual dam, they took us first to Pamitinan Cave.

Pamitinan Cave

Getting to the cave required us to climb uphill. Well, it wasn't a new experience for me - I have had much strenuous treks before this, but of course, I still had to ask assistance because I was wearing flip flops and it was difficult to balance myself on the rocks with wet feet. As always, getting to the entrance of the cave felt priceless, and I truly enjoyed the climb!

Nathalie asked to be left outside the cave as her shoes were wet and slippery, and that the oxygen level inside the cave may not be good for her respiratory system. I didn't bring any flashlight (as I couldn't find any), so Jeff and our guide Ogie acted as my light as we explored the cave. The Pamitinan cave wasn't as enormous and dramatic as other caves I have entered (like the Callao Cave in Cagayan), but I was in awe of its glittering (because the walls of the cave glisten) beauty!


We didn't explore the cave that much, but asking Ogie, he told me somewhere inside the cave is a spring. I told him next time I come here, I would take a look at that spring and dip my feet in it. :)

As we head back to the "main land," we saw kids happily playing in the water. I loved how carefree kids can be, and I sure hope I'd be as carefree as them. I guess that is something I need to teach myself.

Wawa Dam

Of course, the only thing left to do is see the Wawa Dam! Seeing it up close reminded me of the one in Villa Escudero... I can't wait to see this place during summertime as they told us there were huts at the foot of the dam during summer. Oooohhh! Considering how easy it is to reach this place, I don't see any reason why I won't visit again.

I'll tag along Mr. Pipoy next time, that's for sure!

Nathalie and her husband Benj left after taking pictures of the dam as they still had an event to attend. I stayed for a while longer because Forrester Susi still had a few more things to say, something about a little partnership - them helping us see the place (and we can come back anytime) and us helping them promote the place.

Adobong Pusit, Pakbet and Adobong Manok

For lunch, we ate a roadside eatery near the DENR office. Us three (Forrester Susi, Jeff, and I) shared three dishes and I loved the squid! At first we were teasing the owner of the eatery if the squid was the canned type (because they were small), but when we tasted it, it surely was better than the canned type. :)

After a few more chit-chats, Jeff and I bid Forrester Susi goodbye - well, Jeff brought along his car, so I hitched a ride 'til we reached Commonwealth Avenue (Litex area), then I took the jeep home from there.

I was so tired, but it was fulfilling. I realized, it truly is much easier to trek minus the 24lbs.

Big, big thanks to Jeff, Nathalie and Benj for traveling with me. Sa uulitin!

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