Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Thai Food Trip

Day 111
19 January 2012

A call from one of my friends at 4-ish in the morning (call extended until 5:30am) made me catch up on sleep and unfortunately, it was already near 7am when I woke up (thanks to Mr. Pipoy's call - or else I might wake up later than that time). I wasn't able to walk that morning, but I did do my Hip Hop Abs routines, just to make the day count.

Faux Waterfalls

I left the house around 4pm to attend an event at the TriNoma Mall. Traffic was very light, and some 45 minutes after, I was already at the mall. Since the event was at 6pm, I took the time to roam around to make up for the lost time that I didn't walk this morning. Although I walked at a very leisurely pace, walking around not only helped me do something for my fitness, I also saw some cool shoes on sale. I plan to buy a pair of sandals I can use for events, but at the moment I sort of feel buying a new pair of running shoes as the pair I am using now is showing signs of wear and tear.

Near the cinema of the mall is an open garden, and since the it wasn't really dark yet, I checked the place for some photography subjects. The faux waterfalls (not that big - more of a flow of water that looked like waterfalls) caught my interest, and it sort of reminded me of the photography video Mr. Pipoy let me watch the second time we met. I forgot what the aperture should be, but I remember keeping the shutter speed at 1/4. I tried using this concept at Wawa Dam, but it was so bright that day - putting my shutter speed at 1/4 sort of gave me an all-white image. The sun already set the time I took the picture above, gave me the kind of waterfall effect I was looking for - though I know I need to improve on it; zooming my camera at 12x with a shutter speed of 1/4, I really need to have sturdy arms and hands or a tripod. Hmmm... maybe I should attempt this when I travel to Hinulugang Taktak (Antipolo) or at any of the waterfalls in San Gabriel, La Union in the future.

photo by Rain de Ocampo

Yesterday, I was at the Silk Thai Cuisine. Today, I went to Mango Tree Bistro - also a Thai restaurant. It was for a "mystery event," which was by GlaxoSmithKline. It was the most unusual event I attended and sharing the story to my sister made us both laugh about it. Anyway, it sure was attended by a lot of bloggers around the Metro - some I already met before, others I consider good friends / pals, some I recognize because of their blog, some are friends at Facebook though I haven't met them yet. They served quite a lot of dishes, but I did share the dishes to other bloggers at the table. What we ate for dinner:

Mango Tree Bistro Trinoma

  • Tom Yum Goong - I scooped out 1 shrimp, 1 of that unusual fruit (which at first I thought was mushroom) and some broth. I didn't finish the broth, I just ate the shrimp and that other ingredient.
  • Thod Mun Goong - Ate one piece of the shrimp cake, with minimal sauce.
  • Yum Som O Goong - This wasn't served at our table, one person at the other table just passed it to us when he noticed we didn't have it (hence the not-so-good plate). I only gave it a taste - just a chunk of pomelo with some grated carrots.
  • Pad Thai - After mixing all the ingredients on the plate, I rotated the serving fork thrice, and I ate whatever amount of noodles was on the serving fork.
  • Lemongrass Tea - Drank half of it.
  • Gai Tha Krai Yang - Each lemongrass skewer had 3 pieces of chicken and I ate just one piece of the chicken.
  • Talay Prik Thai Dum - Plate contained three kinds of seafood; I ate one piece of fish, squid, and shrimp.
  • Gaeng Kiew Wan Nua - I took one paper thin cut of beef, one piece of eggplant and about half a tablespoon sauce.
  • Dessert (Name I forgot to jot down) - Slurped two dessert spoonful of the iced water mix, 3 chunks of water chestnuts, and itty bitty piece of jackfruit.
I think even if I am on a food trip, I still kept my diet intact - I just treated it like sampling some food. I also ate 1/3 cup of rice for some of the dishes.
Other food I ate:
  • 8:13 am - 1/2 cup garlic rice; 3 pieces fried dried fish; 1 cup Nescafe brown n' creamy coffee
  • 1:45 pm - 2 tablespoons rice; 1 tablespoon Beef Picadillo (ground beef, diced potatoes, diced carrots, minced bellpepper, tomato sauce)
Total Cups of Water - 10 at home; 3 tall glasses of water at the event
I got home around 10:30pm. It was a fun-filled day, but here are some of the things that brought me joy:
  • Fun phone call with Mr. Pipoy - sharing laughs about old songs (para-pap-para... a-rico mambo).
  • Fitting into my mom's Chinese-inspired blouse.
  • Saying hello to Teacher Julie, she hugged me tight and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, you lost a lot of weight!"
  • Middle of the event, I got up to take pictures of the event's hosts and bumping into Alex (another bloggy friend), he told me, "You lost weight!" I answered, "Just a little," and he said, "What little? You lost a lot!"
  • Receiving a box of Tikoy and some GSK dermatology products.
  • Getting home safe.

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  1. for sure the tummy was so happy to have those delish foods, visiting for Happiness Is meme, mine is up at, see you around...

  2. I love thai food spcially pad thai! Visiting from happiness is..

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  3. hi jenn,

    that sure sounds like one big, very filling, happy day you had! :) the faux waterfalls looked like a real one in the picture above ;) and congrats on your weight loss ^^

    thanks for linking up to Happiness Is.

    see you again next week for another round of happy posts!

  4. uy, so faithful ka pa din on your exercise routine. That's what I always fail doing. Kakainis. Hindi consistent noh? haha.

    A long and yet fruitful day you had there!

  5. What an awesome, cheerful post! It sounds like a fabulous day, and I loved your photos. Thanks for sharing this with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!

  6. yum and looks delish foods, am sure that you are very happy after this :-) Visiting from Happiness is, hope that you can return the visit too.

  7. nagugutom ako. daming masasarap na pagkain dito :) Sharing to you My Happiness is...#3.


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