Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday and Sunday

Was quite busy this weekend, Internet's way too slow... and I did an act of stupidity, so I will be making a two-in-post again...

Day 113
21 January 2012

The S Curve

I woke up sister, but again, she didn't want to walk with me because she said she will be doing the laundry. Well, since it's Saturday, am sure there will be a lot of people walking / jogging, so I will not be really alone.

I added about 200 more meters to my route and I got to see this part of Colinas Verdes with some fire trees near a mountain. I should've shared the picture here, but I loved this image more because that one fire tree stood out more. Seeing people there, I am thinking of trying to walk more 'til I reach that mark. Maybe if I have a companion, I will.

Walking with people nearby fuels me. It allows me to keep my pacing and at times it allows me to go faster or exert more effort because seeing people trying their hardest makes me want to test my limits, too. I have yet to try jogging the entire way, but I will get there. I am just walking most of the time, but I make sure my pacing is quite faster and my strides are much wider.

Faux Snake Skin Sandals

Today is parents' wedding anniversary, but we couldn't celebrate it today because mom will be attending a party and my sister and I will be having another food trip. Well, even if dad's already in heaven, the family still celebrate the wedding anniversary date. It's going to be a long weekend, so we will just celebrate it either tomorrow or on Monday.

Anyway, meeting time for the food trip was 8pm, but as early as 3pm, sis and I were already out of the house. We went with mom and sis to the mall so we can walk around, do some window shopping, and pay bills. I was able to see this cute faux snake skin sandals - at p250, it sure is a cheap pair of shoes, but I didn't buy it yet because we still have somewhere to go. I will just buy it next time, hoping it would still be there. I also spotted another pair of sandals at p500... but I am thinking if I would buy it or not because my priority is to buy another pair of running shoes. Fila has a sale - 50% off, but base price was at p3000+, so even with the 50% off it was still quite expensive for the very thrifty person like me. Well, one time before the month ends, I might have the time to go back to the mall and make up my mind.


Okay... around 6-ish in the evening, sister and I already traveled to our meeting place - McDonald's along Quezon Avenue. We waited quite a long time (our fault, we got there way too early), but it was okay - there were two birthday parties happening that night and we got to see the mascots, though I only got to take a picture of Grimace because the others walked by too fast.

Andrew arrived 30 minutes earlier (knowing we were already there made him leave his place earlier, too), so we decided to leave and look for a food place to try. We still have another companion (I didn't get to hear his real name, but I think it was Elwood), but we just sent him a message that we will go look for a place and he could just follow.

Cuisine Centrale

Us four dined at Cuisine Centrale in Quezon City. Andrew and I have been friends since last year and this was our third food trip together with my sister. This food trip has been planned since December last year, but because our schedules don't jive, all were just plans. At the forum, we met Elwood, who's also a foodie and even if we didn't plan to meet today for a food trip, knowing we were all available today made us go with it, so we can start planning for the next food trip.

It was a very long dinner - we would order two dishes, taste it, comment about it and exchange stories. We would order the next round of dishes, wait for it, chit chat... then taste it, blah blah... It was already near 11pm when we called it a night, but I didn't eat a lot. Us four shared everything on the picture, except for the drink - it was all mine. :) We had:
  • Bulalo Soup - had three slurps of the soup, two with some beef bits, the other one with potatoes and cabbages.
  • Monggo Soup - three slurps as well.
  • Moringa-Calamansi Juice - drank it all.
  • Sisig, Two Ways - didn't taste it, it's pork!
  • Seafood Spaghetti in Oil and Garlic - something I ate quite a lot of... two shrimps, about 3 squid rings, 3 fish cubes, three mouthful of pasta.
  • Grilled Lamb Shoulders in Green Curry Sauce - I cut a small piece, that's it. The three of them ate most of the dish.
  • Stuffed Chicken Wings - ate another small piece, I didn't quite like this one.
  • Pinacolada Cheesecake - took a forkful of the cheesecake, topped it with three pineapple tidbits and a little strawberry sauce... dessert's good!

It was a great dinner. Sharing stories, laughs, comments and photography tips made me grateful I shared this moment with three awesome people. Also, I am grateful about some things Andrew said to Elwood - that he was thankful for the photography tips I shared to him when we started being friends, and we has thankful that I fixed his blog when he decided to open one. Hearing random messages like that made me thankful that I made even just a little difference in one person's life.

...but of course, the best part of my day was coming home and talk to Mr. Pipoy.

Oh, mom got sick tonight - the soonest time sister and I got home, we were wondering why she was still awake and she said she wasn't feeling good - she had to be in the toilet numerous times, so sister and I stayed up 'til mom fell asleep.

Day 114
22 January 2012

Alukon Dinengdeng and Fried Bangus

Earlier I mentioned about stupidity. I formatted my camera's memory card even before I transferred 22 January's pictures, so what I have was a picture of my dinner, taken using my cell phone. I decided to eat less today because of the heavy dinner last night, but I was happy to be able to eat alukon (that worm-like veggie) again. I only get to eat this during the first half of the year, so when I saw this at the market, I quickly bought a bunch for today's dinner.

I got to walk early this morning. I was a bit disappointed at sister - the night before, we already made an agreement that we will be walking, so when she didn't wake up even if mom and I were trying to wake her up made me just go out and walk "alone." Well, I wasn't really alone, Mr. Pipoy also did his early morning walk, so we were talking while walking. I miss this moment - him motivating me to push harder and keep at my pace - it was like we were walking side by side.

Mom was feeling better today, thank heavens!

Sad part of the day - sister and I alone at the house as both mom and bro had to attend church org services. It made us feel lazy being home alone, and sister was tempting me to eat lunch out or maybe call fast food delivery, but I was firm to say no. In the end, we had pasta for lunch - using the leftover beef with broccoli as part of the sauce. A good way to revamp leftover. :)

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