Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Weigh-In

January 2009 January 2009

January 2009 January 2009

These were pictures taken 01 January 2009. Our family usually do a photoshoot every Christmas and New Year's Day, and this was the first and the only time I got to wear the green top because I looked big in it. I don't know how much I weighed that time, but yes, I wasn't so big as I was the start of my journey, but even then, I couldn't cross my legs without leaning to one side. Har har har!

Anyway, after this celebration, I gave the blouse to my sister. She has used it over the years, and every time she wears it, I would always tease her - asking her to return the blouse because it's mine.

March 2012

March 2012 March 2012 March 2012

This is me March 2012. I decided to take the blouse out of sister's closet and wear it - just so to check the changes. I admit I still am fat... but what I am happy about is that I can now wear the blouse as a short dress, without having to feel conscious about my big arms and legs. Well, my arms and legs are still big - they are still my main concern, but I am glad they aren't as big as before, and I can close my legs, finally. Didn't get what I said? Check the "Changes in Pictures" tab... you'll see that my lower legs can't be closed because my upper legs were too big.

With that... my current weight:

Hmmm... quite a familiar sight? Yes. I still am at 197lbs. It sure felt sad that I sort of "wasted" 29 precious days, but one big thing I am thankful about: I didn't gain weight. I guess the small efforts I gave in walking and exercising were able to balance the amount of food I ate this month.

Last December, I was afraid the Christmas season might cause me to eat more. I didn't realize it would be Valentine's season that would cause me to a lot of sweets. Of course, I don't blame it on VDay as I did eat more than I should the entire month. I haven't used my food scale for most days last February, and I neglect using my measuring cups.

I am dusting myself off and pick up the pieces. This month, I have the same main goals as the ones I had last February, but instead of losing 5lbs., I am pushing myself to lose at least 7lbs. I will remind myself of the reasons why I am traveling this road over and over and I will motivate myself everyday. A friend once told me, "Take care of yourself. If you don't, no one else will." I agree to this 100%. Even if I am traveling this road alone physically, I will remind myself that my ever dearest Mr. Pipoy is with me every step of the way. We may be having our own battles to fight, but we sure are together with this.

My biggest challenge / motivation is still the one Mr. Pipoy gave me: hit my target weight by his birthday. I may or may not hit this... but I will give it my best shot, really.

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