Sunday, March 18, 2012

Habit a Week 11: Find Alternatives to Eating

Last week, I introduced about "sleeping." I honestly still can't get myself to sleep by 10pm, but most days last week, I was able to manage my time well. This week, another habit will be added (thanks to Lyn's Habit a Week Challenge) - something I really need as I immerse myself back into my old fitness routines.

Find Alternatives to Eating.

Many years ago, when I went to the doctor after my bloodwork, she handed me a little booklet. First question on the booklet was, "Exercise makes you eat more. True or false?" My mindset at that time made me answer "true," and when the booklet said the statement is actually false, I sort of felt I wanted to trash the booklet.

When I started really exercising, I realized that it is actually true - Exercising curbs the appetite. In my case, I'd be a little tired exercising, I'd drink about two glasses of water and it would make me fell full. Some occasions, I'd feel so tired I'd just use the time to relax (not sleeping, okay)... or that because I exercised a good number of minutes, I'd just rush to freshen up so I can do the rest of my chores.

This week, I will use exercise to divert my attention, so I won't eat more than I should. This is a funny reality: I ate more on days when I don't exercise... maybe because not doing anything makes my mind think of food. Last time I stepped on the scales, I saw that I lost 1lb already... and since it's already the 18th and just two more weeks til the next weigh in, I really need to fully enter the zone and get back into the habit of making myself well.

While exercise / video workouts will be my main plan of action to build this habit, Lyn suggested a lot of activities so we won't think so much about eating. Among the things she listed that caught my attention was "meditate." Meditation is something I don't really know how to do, but I think I will read up about it, so I would know, too! :)

My kitty Moe-Moe is now a super hyper kitten. Mr. Pipoy actually told me things to help tame the kitten - exercise, discipline, affection. I noticed, the kitten would get so hyper before and after his meals, and he would chase me just to get my attention. Lately, I am seeing the two of us running around the house, and I think I will use that - not only do we burn calories, we will also bond and have a good relationship.

My goals for the week:
  • No junk food / street food of any kind.
  • Two kinds of vegetables everyday.
  • Plan meals a day before so I won't have to resort to eating junk and/or unnecessary food.
  • Food trips and / or blog events limited to just two for the week.
  • Eat Fitnesse cereals for breakfast.
  • Follow fitness schedule.
  • 12 - 15 cups of water.
  • Back to 1/2 cup of rice for lunch and dinner... meat to 50g per meal, fish/seafood at 70g per meal.
Huh... yep, it feels like starting over.

Let's go do it!

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