Monday, March 26, 2012

Figaro (Glorietta)

Oh my dear! I forgot to update this blog for one week! Well, blame my overtime for it... but of course, I am very much thankful and blessed to have my job; I just have to find a little time to squeeze in a blog post at least thrice a week.

So okay... I was with my sister and our friend Ria yesterday. We were stuffed while at the NBC Tent, but after we left, we did nothing but walk around because Ria was looking for a pair of shoes.

By the time we reached Glorietta, we were all tired and our legs and feet were screaming for some comfort. Passing by Figaro, the couches were calling our names, so we decided to stop and have some snacks, which became our early dinner.


My short term memory forgot the names of our drinks, but I had the creamy strawberry one, sister had the taro, Ria had the strawberry-lemon drink. Ria and I loved our drink, but sister only drank half of her drink because it was way too milky for her liking. We still needed to travel 2 more hours before we could get home and because sister cannot tolerate that much milk (but of course she isn't fully lactose intolerant),it was best for her not to finish her drink.

As for our snack, we shared this Garlic and Cheese pizza. I personally love Figaro's dough, but maybe because of the cheese, it was soggy and oily at the center. It had a lot of garlic bits, but what's impressive was that the garlic wasn't strong and it didn't "bite" our tongue. It also didn't leave a strong garlic breath smell, so overall it was a nice pizza to eat.

It had 8 slices... Ria and sister ate 2 slices each, I ate the other half. Hungry much? Maybe... but maybe it was that good I just didn't mind. Afterall, it wasn't a big pizza anyway.



  1. my sister liked their cheese pizza. i tried the aglio olio pasta before but ended up being disappointed though.

  2. Yummy pizza!

    Visiting for Mellow Yellow Monday- hope you can stop by:)

  3. Looks yummy!

    Please come and see my mellow yellow entry. Thank you!

  4. pizza looks really delicious...cheese overload and i love those drinks now, must be refreshing to have them! :) visiting from last week's WE, hope you can visit me back. thanks and have great week. :)


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