Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On Board MV Logos Hope

Day 161
10 March 2012

I still haven't fully gotten back on track, but I did some video workouts.

Anyway, I should've had a great Day 160. I had it all planned out - I will travel to Makati City with mom and two of her colleagues to attend the grand opening of ChicBoy, where sister is working. After attending that event in the morning, I will head to the Bonifacio Global City to attend another food event for bloggers. It was another food event, but I told myself I will go there because it would be a great event.

Problem was, I was having a very bad toothache.

I have been complaining that I feel some sort of electricity and pain every time my upper and lower molars (on the right side) would hit each other, but it was a tolerable kind of pain. However, morning of this day, I can't chew my food that well without complaining about the pain. I told mom I won't go anymore and would just stay at home.

Okay... Day 161. Another planned day for me - Ria and I set this day for us to visit MV Logos Hope after knowing it's on Manila shores. Ria wasn't able to visit MV Doulos when it was here, so knowing GBA Ships continued its mission to "bring knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world" by selling books thru MV Logos Hope, we didn't want to miss it.

Eating breakfast that morning, I told mom and sis that for some reason, the molar wasn't hurting anymore... and while chewing on my food, the unthinkable happened: part of my molar cracked and chipped off. I am suddenly having 3/4 of my biggest molar, but since I wasn't feeling any pain and discomfort, I decided to carry on with the day and visit the ship.

MV Logos Hope

MV Logos Hope MV Logos Hope MV Logos Hope

We got there around 11am. They may have the same mission, but this is a different ship, therefore a different experience. Aside from the bookstore, we also checked out different areas of the ship, before having light snacks at the cafe. Well, I didn't buy any snacks, but my companions bought a cone each of their soft ice cream.

6 Minute Morning Arms

The ship sells over 5,000 book titles - categorized into: Devotion, Health, Food, Reference, Kids, Novels. There were also music CDs and toys as well as MV Logos Hope merchandizes. I bought for myself this book, "6 Minute Morning Arms" which was quite expensive at p200, given the amount of pages. I was actually thinking of getting another book instead - which tells the story of a man's weight loss journey. It cost only p100, and it seemed to be a great book because it will motivate me and it included bible verses, but asking my sister about it, she told me I should get this book instead, because inspirations and motivations can be found everywhere, but this book would help me tone my arms the proper way. Aside from this book, I also bought a key ring (something I collect) and made a p50 donation for the company's cause in exchange for a button pin.

Roasted Chicken

It was near 2pm when we left the ship (as anyone can take all the time they want until 9pm once they get in), so all of us felt so hungry already. All of us are foodies... so we told ourselves we would eat somewhere new, so we went to SM Manila. Our tummies took us to a place called "Yummy Roast," but it wasn't a very good dining experience as their food wasn't really yummy. Well, my food was okay given its price, but the chicken lacked in taste... and the ones who ordered the pork dishes truly was a disaster (pork pieces super dry and too tough to chew; sister's order on the other hand had a lot of fat).

We parted ways right after that late lunch. Funny, we just ate...but while traveling back home, we still felt hungry.

Takoyaki Crunchy Maki

Ria, my sister, and I stopped by another mall to have some snacks. Initially, we just wanted a cup of Milk Tea, but passing by Karate Kid (a Japanese fast food joint), one staff handed me coupons. Seeing great looking food pictures with prices very cheap, we tried it. Eight pieces each of Takoyaki and Ham & Cheese Crunchy Maki, which we shared at p46 pesos each. Both dishes tasted oh-so-great... that I took some more coupons so I can eat cheaper but great Japanese dishes while the promo was still on.

It was a very fun day and I was so happy... but part of me was sad that I wasn't able to stop by the release of Hanson's "Shout it Out" CD here in the Philippines. It should've been a fun great time with co-Hanson fans, but it was okay, I will see them at the concert later this month.

Crossing fingers as I still don't have a ticket for the show.


We are grateful to have you here.