Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sassy Colors Nail Polish | Iced Mocha

At the start of the year, I decided to trim my nails just to start the year fresh and clean. I have kept my nails short until last month, when I decided to keep it long because I haven't used my nail polish for quite sometime now.

Sassy Colors Iced Mocha Sassy Colors Iced Mocha

When sister and I went to the mall, we checked the nail polish section of Watson's and found ourselves buying three bottles of nail polish. The other two were her choices, I personally bought a bottle of Sassy Colors in Iced Mocha.

It was very easy to apply and for my nails, I used two coats. The brush can cover the nails with just two glides, and although the color is more into brownish tone, it sometimes look a bit purplish especially when the sun is bright.

I am a domestic diva. I work at home and I do house chores most of the times. I do laundry, I cook, and I wash dishes. One thing I dislike is seeing my nail polish fading or cracking just a day after I apply it. Sassy Colors is very cheap - less than p20 a bottle, but even with heavy house chores, the nail polish was able to last one week. Well, given that my nails are long and it was somewhat square in shape, some of the nail polish chipped off at the sides of the nails, but what I love is that I didn't feel pressured to change my nail polish just after a few days.

Etude House Nail Polish

Last Saturday - a week after I applied the nail polish - my sister and I went back to the mall. We entered Etude House and seeing they have nail polish and that they allow shoppers to test their products, I went to test some brownish polish and some top coat polish.

The one on my thumb looked glittery, but when the polish dried the polish is still smooth - as if the glitters were powder fine. The one on my ring finger looked like sand and one could feel the grains, while the one on my middle finger looked like confetti. I liked the three glittery polish, but I so dislike that the biggest glitters (the one on my middle finger) can be way too difficult to remove... I had to use my cuticle pusher to take it out, actually.

The matte top coat (pointer finger) dries almost instantly, but I am not a big fan of it. The jelly top coat (pinkie finger) might not show it through the picture, but it looked as if I have this thick layer of jelly on my nail.. so cute!

Etude House nail polish are quite expensive if you as me, but I think I will buy myself a bottle of that LUCIDarling shimmering nail polish - in fuchsia pink!


  1. Cool colors :) I need some new color for my nails myself :) Here for a TB visit. See you around :)

  2. Love the color:)

    Visiting for TB- hope you can stop by:)


  3. You're lucky to have strong nails...mine chip off easily. NicE nails and polishes. I had shimmery pink nail polish but they look like Tiny maps on my fingers now. Too much washing coz like you, I'm a domestic diva myself :)

  4. beautiful nail polish Sis, loved the designs :-) Visiting from Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return your brown visit too.



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