Friday, March 16, 2012

What Made Me Happy This Week?

Day 163
12 March 2012

Happiness is...

Pizza Hut

... spending the Monday morning with a person dear to my heart.

Last Sunday night while talking to Mr. Pipoy on the phone, he told me he wanted to see me the next day. Both of us didn't have that much funds - but we wanted to see each other, so we just budgeted whatever money we have just so we could meet halfway and do some workouts together.

Any moment spent with him is a happy day for me, and today I was happier because not only was I able to see him, I also got to hug him, kiss him, and eat lunch with him.

Yeah I know I said we didn't have that much money to spend, but another thing that made me happy was that I still have one last Gift Voucher (worth 500 pesos) for Pizza Hut, which we used to pay for our lunch. Thankfully, too, they have a promo going on - certain food items on 50% off - so we were able to include a serving of the salad. At first, the staff said the gift voucher might not cover the salad as it was on promo, but when we were handed the bill, they still included it for the voucher. Happy happy!

Anyway... it was a great day. I got so tired with the workout (I still can't keep up with his pace, dang!) but this was something I always look forward to - seeing him eye to eye and spending a few hours with him. Hopefully, before the month ends we could meet again.

Day 165
14 March 2012

Happiness is...

Green French Tips

... painting my fingernails!

The red nail polish I had on started to chip off (something I don't like) so I had to change it. My nails are growing way too long for my liking, so I trimmed it as well. I have a new online friend on Flickr who's so into pedicures (he's a man, but his feet look much prettier than most girls and I am jealous a bit, haha) and recently, he posted an image of his feet with green nail polish and it made me remember the jade nail polish sister bought last month. Green isn't my color... this was my first time to use green nail polish, so I was a little hesitant. I decided to just go with French style manicure and I am happy it turned out okay.

Ready for St. Patrick's Day? Guess so.

Day 166
15 March 2012

Happiness is...

Everyday Pasta Cookbook

... receiving something from one of my favorite culinary magazines.

I am a big fan of Yummy Magazine, and I am thankful that they always invite me for their events, and just recently, I received an e-mail from them saying they are gifting me with 6-months subscription because I have been a loyal fan. It was something that really made me happy, but today, I received another gift from them - their newest cookbook. Thanks a lot, Yummy Magazine!


... teaching myself how to use the chopsticks.

I went out with my brother and our neighbor Ria and we went to the mall to have snacks (thankful I didn't really eat lunch). We bought drinks at Tea-Riffic (I had the wintermelon milk tea) and we used coupons at Karate Kid (to save money). Ria and I shared a serving of Gyoza and Crunchy Maki, while brother bought his own food - Takoyaki, Chicken Burger and another serving of Crunchy Maki (yep, he's one hearty eater).

Using the chopsticks may be shallow if one would see it generally, but believe it or not, it's part of my Bucket List as eating using the chopsticks can be really complicated. Both my siblings as well as my friend Ria can eat using the chopsticks, and since we were served chopsticks alongside our orders, I saw it as a chance to teach myself to use the chopsticks. I still am not so good at it, but at least I know the basics on how to hold it.

Simple things truly mean a lot.

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  1. I don't know how to use chopsticks but my daughter is the expert hehehe visiting from Happiness here's mine My Little Home

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  3. Sarap naman ng mga food na yan! Spaghetti Aglio Olio is my fave. I always cook it at home.

  4. the foods look very delish Sis :-) it makes me drool :-( pretty green nails too, lvoed it :-) Visiting late from happiness is, hope that you can share your happy visit too.

  5. Ang daming happiness nito, Ms. Jenn! :) Kakilig moments naman yung date nyo ni Mr. Pipoy. Sakto pang may voucher ka pa no? Yay! One tip I can give you with chopsticks is just hold them the most comfortable way you can. Relax lang paghawak, kasi more intense hawak mo mas mabibitawan mo. Saka whenever you eat sa Asian restau, ask for chopsticks so you take that chance to practice ;)

    Thanks for sharing this over at Happiness Is. Looking forward to read more happy posts from you ^^

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