Monday, March 5, 2012

Wendy's Quarter Pounder Burger

Wendy's Burger Meal

After checking shoes and clothes on sale, I asked sister if we could eat snacks. She told me she preferred to eat somewhere we haven't eaten yet, and because both of us couldn't recall a moment that we ate together at Wendy's, we decided to go there.

She went for the Shrimp Sandwich (no drinks) just so she won't feel guilty about having a food trip. I first wanted to go for their Bacon Mushroom Melt, but seeing their picture for the 1/4lb. burger, I decided to go for it instead.

I was a bit disappointed when I opened the packaging on the burger. It looked way too far from the one they had on the poster. The patty was a bit thin... it was overcooked and quite tough to chew. If there was any good with it - the patty tasted like beef, it was seasoned good.

I am not sure if we will eat there again, but if not... I wouldn't miss it. I'd go for a Whopper instead.

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  1. i miss wendy's esp. the bacon mushroom melt, fries & frosty! :( too bad tho that their burgers really shrinked! i prefer to order the chili con carne baked potato now.


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