Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Etude House Products

Now that I am working as a cashier at a restaurant, I feel the need to look good in front of the restaurant's customers. Thanks to my sister, I learned something about BB Creams, which got me really interested. The time I emptied my Mary Kay liquid foundation, I decided to finally give BB Creams a try.

Etude House BB Cream

There are three Korean cosmetics shop in SM Fairview (that I know of) - Etude House, Tony Moly, and Nature Republic. For some reason, it was the Etude House that I first entered, so it was where I bought my very first BB Cream. At 700+ pesos, it was priced okay; my Mary Kay liquid foundation was within the same price range anyway.

It was easy to apply, and I love that I didn't feel the need of putting foundation anymore. After days of using it, I felt a little tightening on my skin - something I appreciated.

The day I purchased this, they also gave a freebie - a sachet of Silk Scarf shampoo. I wasn't able to photograph it, but I loved how it made my hair bounce; even my sister who's having problems with limp, thinning hair said she felt her hair got a little volume after using the product.

Oh.. going back to the BB Cream - I have been using it for a month now and the tube is still half-full... a great value for money because I know it would still take time before I purchase my next tube.

Are you using BB Cream? What's your brand?
If you used different kinds of BB Creams... which one would you recommend?

Etude House Products

Last Sunday, I went back to Etude House (Market! Market! branch). I own their membership card, so I felt a little partial to this store... but when sister finally get her Tony Moly card, I might start checking other brands, too.

Anyway, I bought the Code: B strong eyes cream liner. Even then, I have loved the look of my eyes with black liner (sister said it makes my eyes a little bigger), but I always struggled finding a good product that wouldn't smudge right away. I didn't make a mistake buying this. Not only that it didn't smudge after a few hours, it actually stayed the entire day! It's a bit expensive, but it is one quality product... I don't mind buying another one when I emptied this.

Just so you know, this dries quick, so close the bottle real tight and wash the brush after application.

I also bought a bottle of their nail polish, but we still haven't used it... I will just ask my sister to write about this because she had much prettier nails.

As a freebie, they gave me a sachet of Baking Powder BB deep cleansing foam, and I will talk about it as soon I tried it.

This were my only Korean cosmetics, but I think I am now starting to develop a love for their products.


  1. hurray etude house products! i used to work with etude that why i know their products are realllyyy good and very affordable too!

    glad you like their products!

    1. You used to work with Etude? Awesome! :)

  2. I haven't tried etude products yet. Parang maganda yung BB cream. :)

  3. I'm using Skin 79 Super+ Hot Pink BB Cream, bought in Ebay. This lasted me for almost a year.

  4. I recently bought a BB cream with snail extract in it. It's actually pretty good but it makes my skin a bit oily. Will try this product line next time.

  5. I am not a fan of Etude House products but of course I like the pink store so much! :)


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