Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Following His Lead

I haven't blogged for many days because I have been busy. By this weekend, I will be going out on a trip, so lemme recap a few important life events before I officially go on a weekend off.

Days 177 - 178
26 - 27 March 2012

That week hasn't been a good one for Mr. Pipoy and I. We have been arguing over and over, and it hasn't been easy for the both of us. I wouldn't fully divulge the main cause of argument, but Friday morning (23 March), I sent him a text message that irked him a bit and his way of explaining it felt like he was attacking me so I shouted back. Right there and then, he hung up the phone and turned off his cell phone.

Right then, I didn't know how to feel. Part of me was a bit angry so I didn't mind what he just did. I knew he was sick that day because even with the tension between us we would still communicate, but that day he decided to cut it off.

Question in mind: What now?

Honestly, I didn't know. Was it the end of the relationship? Am I single now?

Then, I remembered what he said a week ago - I shouldn't make judgments based on silence and that I would have to trust him and follow his lead. He didn't communicate with me for that weekend yes, but he didn't say our relationship's over, so I held on to that. I let him be quiet for a while, heal himself (as he was having a terrible flu) and just wait for what will happen next.

I woke up around 2am of Monday (26 March) and saw that he sent a text message. I decided to call him, but I admit I was still sort of angry that he turned off his phone, so even if we got to speak, I was still a little sour.

Afternoon of the same day, he called me and asked me if I could meet him asap. I wasn't sour anymore, but sort of worried - because I knew he was still sick and he had to rest. He told me he would want me next to him as he rest, so I quickly fixed myself to meet up with him.

As soon as I said hello to him, all the anger and the sour feelings vanished. It was great to see and hug him again. Before, I would only hope I could take care of him while he was sick, now I am with him watching over him. However, instead of resting, we just had TV marathon - watching shows on the History Channel - "Pawn Stars", "Pickers", and "King of Restoration."

But of course, it was a night of expressing our love for each other - sharing late dinner, eating Magnum ice cream, having a lot of baby gravies (I had fried chicken for dinner). Yum yum yum! He's the sick one, yet he was the one taking care of me! And I must say... he spoils me whenever we're together Hehehe.

Breakfast with Mr.Pipoy

Before we parted ways, we had breakfast first. I was happy that his fever went down and he wasn't feeling as awful as before... but I was happier that we are very much okay now. I find it amazing that no explanation was needed - whatever the tension we had for the past two weeks, we just dropped the issue and moved on forward from there.

We are still very much together and still very much in love with each other. I might not understand silence, but somehow I have fully trusted him and his words. True, if he didn't say it, he didn't say it.

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