Friday, May 24, 2013

Thursday's Highs and Lows

Yesterday, I went to Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig to attend the 1st Anniversary dinner party set by Village Tavern. It was attended by different bloggers from the Metro, and I was really touched to be invited to this event. Since I will be taking a month-long blog break soon, I decided to take the latest event invitations - I was at the dinner yesterday, later this afternoon I will be at the launch of a potato chips brand, and tomorrow I will attend at culinary class. That doesn't mean I am taking a break on diet and exercise, though I admit there might be a few skips. I still have to make many things balance.

I arrived at the restaurant early and got to spend time with two bloggers - Dencio and Cha. Dencio, I consider one of my blogger pals... Cha, I met personally for the first time (though I already know her by name and face). Later on, as bloggers arrive, Jonel (my cousin Marge's husband) sat with us.

Dinner at Village Tavern

We were served a lot for this dinner:
Appetizers - Crispy Clams with Spicy Lemon Dip :: Roasted Bone Marrow
Salad - Fully Loaded Romaine Heart
Main Course - Cod Fish :: Tomahawk 35oz Steak :: Lamb Rac
Dessert - Frozen Lime Souffle

Well, us four shared all the food and the picture of the steak was just a picture... in the end we were served a strip each of the steak cut, although if you happen to order the Tomahawk 35oz Steak, that's what you'll get. To cap off our dinner, all of us ordered tea.

Yesterday's Highs -
  1. Having lots of laugh with Dencio, Jonel, and Cha. It felt as if we've been very close friends for many, many years. Well, I've known Jonel since 2008, but we weren't really that close.
  2. Tasting awesome dishes that I never thought I'd eat. Well, my location sometimes hinders me (and my family) to try different restaurants, sometimes it's a matter of cost (I am a very thrifty person)... so being here, eating for free was truly a very big blessing. Aside from that, I got to taste a foreign branded beer - Hoegaarden (a beer from Belgium).
  3. From the restaurant, Dencio, Jonel, and I took the cab going to Ayala... and Dencio paid for the fare. Thank you, Dencio! 
  4. My sister's shift at work ended at 9pm, so I asked her to wait for me, and she did. We went home together, and before we took the bus, I treated her to a piece of Boston Creme donut, which she loved. 
  5. K's email saying, "Getting near..." Oh yes, indeed!
However, as great as my Thursday was, there were a few lows, too -
  1. I got to see a hardbound copy of the book "Silence" by Becca Fitzpatrick for only 80 pesos (2usd), but... the spine had a damage, so I didn't buy it. So sad... it was so cheap, but then, I just won't buy a book with that condition.
  2. While at the restaurant, I got to have a chat with Leirs, a pal I met through scrapbooking. After the initial hi, hello, how are you stuff, she asked me if I already heard about what happened to Ria's husband. I found out Ria's husband has cancer and is also gong through dialysis. It was such a sad news, but I know their family is very strong.
  3. I have an online friend who's from Oklahoma. I got a little worried when he didn't respond to my message and then news came about the tornado. He is fine, although of course his message saying, "so messy here" made me really sad about the situation.
  4. I finished reading "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, but... I don't know why I didn't like it that much. The writing was very awesome, but the story I didn't like. Hopefully, I will get to like the movie, too.
  5. Obviously, I wasn't able to exercise yesterday.
May is slowly closing, and I have to say my weight is still on a yo-yo. Why is it difficult to find equilibrium?

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