Tuesday, May 7, 2013

16 Years of Hanson Happiness!

If it were up to me, I was supposed to be at the San Juan Arena watching two of my favorite volleyball players (Jeng Bualee and Rubie de Leon) play live. Instead, I am stuck at home because I got sick this morning.

Since I started reading books, I have skipped eating breakfast and would just eat brunch around 10am. I have adjusted to that eating scheme, so just like the usual, I ate my brunch with sister around that time. Mom joined us (she's on leave) and together we ate rice, some mussels, sister ate siomai, and I had sausage and egg. It was just fine... but about an hour later, my tummy started rumbling and I just rushed to the toilet to throw up. This continued within the next two hours, and every time I'd drink a glass of water, I would find myself back in the bathroom. By noon, I started feeling dizzy, and by 1pm I couldn't walk straight anymore - my sight was so dark, my vision was spinning.

At first I thought it might be red tide (because of the mussels), but my sister and mom ate some of the shellfish, too, but they were just fine. Now I don't know if I had a heatstroke or what. No one in the family was alarmed, so I thought no need for me to be alarmed, too.

I just found it annoying that I would go back to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so, and my tummy was already tired, and by 3pm, I felt extremely hungry. Good thing mom steamed some sweet corn earlier today. I feel okay now, though my tummy would still rumble.

Happy Hanson Day!

But hey, this is supposed to be a happy post, right? Well, yesterday is 06 May - Hanson Day! It was in 1997 when then Governor of Oklahoma declared this date as Hanson Day. It was just a day to give recognition to the sons of the state, but fans all over the world just celebrate it annually. I wasn't able to attend the little get-together with fellow fans last Sunday, but yesterday, I just celebrated by watching a few videos on YouTube and listening to their songs (of course).

16 years. Wow... I have been a fan that long now, but I am not getting tired about it. I will always be a fan.

The picture I took was the most precious Hanson posters I own - both posters were used during the two times they held a concert here in the Philippines (one in 2004, the other in 2012). Very precious posters to me because I got to attend both concerts - the highlight of being a fan is always watching/seeing their favorite celebrity in person... and not only was I able to see and hear them play live, I also got to shake their hands and exchange a few sentences (and smiles) with them.


My exercises are put on hold because of my situation, but I will try a few things just so I won't be stagnant again. For tonight's dinner, I don't know what will we have, but I am seriously craving for Coke right now. I hope my brother helps me by not buying a bottle... I might give in to cravings if I see some Coke in the fridge.

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