Friday, May 3, 2013

27 April - 02 May 2013

This week is quite uneventful for me; I was trying hard to convince mom and sis to watch Iron Man 3 last weekend (Robert Downey, Jr. is one of my celebrity crushes), but my sister has been using her spare time to catch up on sleep and even if she was willing for us to have a girls day out, waking her up proved to be so difficult. She would wake up, but would close her eyes and sleep again, until we just got tired waking her up. Sunday, she did a Twilight Saga marathon - watching five movies from morning 'til nighttime (we didn't watch it one after another). Hopefully this weekend, we could finally watch Iron Man 3.

An uneventful week, yes, but of course there were things that warmed my heart:

1) K sending me copies of the hotel booking. He was the one who arranged all hotel bookings, and because he will arrive way too early in the morning, he just booked another night so I could just come to the hotel the night before his arrival, and he will just meet me in the morning. :)

2) Another gift from the Maya Kitchen. I wasn't able to attend the class last Saturday because I got home late last Friday and I woke up pretty late the next morning. I wasn't expecting this gift at all, and I truly feel undeserving of such generosity, but of course I am grateful for it. My siblings will surely flip over the Champorado Mix!

3) You may recall sometime ago when I said I already placed an order for Hanson's new album, "Anthem." Well, the band may have already released a new single and a new music video, but the album is not due for release until June (that also means I have to wait until June or until July perhaps for the CD/DVD set I ordered to arrive), so imagine the anticipation. Well, just a few days ago, a friend posted a link on her Facebook page about this free Hanson music download, and of course, I was quick to download it! :) The "21 Years of Music" EP contained 5 songs - four were taken from different albums in the past, but song #1 - "Tonight" is included in the upcoming album. It was such a beautiful song! The download is indeed free... the "tip" there was optional - you may or may not tip, that is up to you. I've been listening to the new songs over and over again, I hope I don't get tired of it when the album is released. Haha.

If you wanna listen to the songs (without downloading it), just click this link and click on the song titles.

Sleepy Kitty Sleepy Kitty

4) This week, my sister is on the morning shift - that means she has to wake up at 3am, be out of the house at 4am in time for her 6am shift. She decided to sleep next to me at the living room floor so she could wake up easily, but her sleeping next to me was difficult for the cat to bear. Monday night, the cat slept between sister and I, but Tuesday night, the cat was a bit upset that sister covered his usual spot in the mattress, so the cat bullied my sister by "clawing" sister's hair. My cat and my sister like each other, but the cat always get upset with my sister quite easily (one time the cat would angrily chase my sister around the house). Anyway, my sister didn't come home last Wednesday, so the cat didn't have to share his spot, and last night (because sister was so sleepy she slept in mom's bed), the cat finally claimed his spot. I can't help but giggle.

5) Many years ago, my late father and I would spend late afternoons watching the Shakey's V League on the television. I don't play any sports, but I love watching certain sports events, and the Shakey's V League has been one of my favorites. At first, my favorite player was Manilla Santos (DLSU), until I started watching Jeng Bualee (SSC-R), a Thai foreign guest player. In time, many players graduated and I stopped watching the V League, but sometime this week, I flipped through the different channels and was surprised to see that there's still V League. SSC-R was playing that time and imagine my surprise when I saw that they still have Jeng Bualee as one of their players!

Watching the Shakey's V League live is on my Bucket List (really). I thought I won't be able to cross this one out because the players I liked back then have graduated and might have pursued different careers, but since Jeng Bualee is still playing along with Suzanne Roces, and another favorite player - Ruby de Leon is playing for NU, I might just watch a game live. Next week, hopefully.


There weren't much crappies this week (thankfully), but I gotta say it irks me that I am having pimples after pimples! Maybe it was because of the summer heat, but it was just annoying. Also, yesterday morning, I bled. I am not sure if I am having my period again (because it stopped last night), but it was such a downer... I just had my period two weeks ago!

all taken from Google Images, credit goes to its rightful owners

By the way, there were reports that Alex Pettyfer might be playing Christian Grey for the movie adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey." What a fine young man, I say (he definitely has this "Christian Grey" look), but I still go for Matt Bomer. Alex Pettyfer can be Elliot, perhaps. Hehehe. :) Well, I really would love for Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel to play the main characters, but if Alex Pettyfer indeed play Christian Grey, I just hope Emilia Clarke will get to play Anastasia Steele.

Well, I just love how the fans come up with lots of images for this movie... there's definitely an anticipation that I hope when it finally comes out it won't disappoint the fans. I do love the story as a whole, but I didn't like how the book was written, so I am hoping that if there will be a movie adaptation, it would be much better than the book. I read somewhere online that the screenwriters would focus more on the love story and less of the "you know what," and I think I am okay with that. I mean, I did like what the characters do in private, but what made me love this book has been their love story - the dynamics and chemistry between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, and how they hold on to each other despite their differences.

Happy weekends, everyone!

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