Monday, May 27, 2013

Caress Nail Polish | Christmas Polka

Wow... no updating the blog for one week? Last week has been very hectic that neither Jessie nor I can find the chance to blog! Hopefully this week will be much lighter.

Caress Nail Polish | Christmas Polka

When I used OMG Nail Polish (First Date), I remembered this Christmas Polka glitter nail polish by Caress and thought it would look good over pink because it had red and purple mini hex glitters, that would really stand out on pink.

I bought this last year during Christmastime because I wanted to have a Christmas manicure with glitters. I wasn't able to use it that time, though.

Caress Nail Polish | Christmas Polka
Caress Nail Polish | Christmas Polka

The nail polish has a grayish base, which I feared would affect the color of the pink base color (because when I first tested this over white it changed the base color into gray), but I was glad it didn't. The glitters were very loose, so applying this, you need to dab the brush. What I did was dip the brush into the bottle then dab the whole length of the brush to my nail from one corner to the other (three dabs). Doing so made the glitters stick on the nails then after the three dabs, I lightly evened out the lacquer.

For my nails, I used two coats - the first one using the dabbing method, the second just brushing it like a regular top coat. Just two coats were enough for me, I preferred having scattered glitters compared to the very compact one.

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  1. Wow. I love this! I will definitely look for it when I go to the mall.


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