Friday, May 17, 2013

Caress Nail Polish | Blue Hawaii

I almost didn't want to post this picture because my hand looked horrible - it's typical for my hands to go very dry (even if I use lots of lotion) during summer. My hands are always going through the process of shedding skin, but because blue is a color I don't normally use, I felt I have to share this now for it would take an awful lot of time for me to swatch this nail polish again (if I do use it again)

Caress Nail Polish | Blue Hawaii

My sister chose this one because blue is her favorite color and whenever I tag her during my nail polish shopping days, she would always request for me to consider blue nail polish. Since she also paints her nails (just her toenails, work doesn't allow her to use nail polish on her fingernails), I decided to include this.

Blue Hawaii by Caress Nail Polish looks a lot like Caronia Sapphire. Application was okay, but it tends to bubble, so I had to make sure I am in the dining area when I swatched this and that there was no electric fan nearby. The surface dried quick, although one problem I had with Caress Nail Polish, even if the surface is dry already, whenever I wake up the next day there were a lot of hair marks on my nails. For this reason, I have stopped buying Caress Nail Polish, although I still have about five or six nail polish to swatch from this brand - something I have bought back then.

On my nails are two medium-thick coats of Blue Hawaii, without top coat.


  1. I love blue too, but don't use blue nail polish that often except when I feel like it. I have about 3 shades of blue from Bobbie but they don't dry as quickly. =D

  2. Super shiny! Pretty color :)

    Stopping by from the Nail Files!


  3. Wohoo!! Blue polish is one of my faves and this one is really pretty! :)


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