Monday, May 20, 2013

The Beck Diet Solution, Day 12

Sorry for not updating the Beck Diet Solution... I got caught up reading books that I sort of forgot about this. :)

Anyway, Day 12 is about Practicing Hunger Tolerance.

One thing about us fat people... even if we starve ourselves, people around us still think we've spent our entire life eating. In one book I own, the author said that fat people sometimes eat less compared to skinny people (especially when they eat out) because fat people sort of feel guilty eating a lot.

Partly, it is true that fat people tend to have big appetites. I know I do. When my father was still alive, he would always tease me, "You must eat to live and not live to eat." As a way of defending myself, I'd always say it's much better to live to eat because food just taste good. Well, my father did want us his kids to have hearty appetites, because he experienced having very little to eat and he truly didn't like seeing his kids look skinny.

Even if I can eat like a truck driver, I can actually tolerate hunger. In college during enrollment day, I'd spend the entire day processing my papers without eating because if I do, I would lose my place in the line and it would mean waiting longer. When my sister and I trekked to Mt. Pinatubo, we only ate breakfast at 4-ish in the morning and the only food I ate after that was a can (the contents, of course) of Vienna Sausage for lunch. I really can tolerate hunger if I want to... actually, this has been something I was blogging about lately - not eating enough because I didn't have the appetite for it.

Anyway, the purpose of this topic is not to teach you to starve yourself. It simply aims for you to test your endurance because sometimes, we tend to give in to the slightest feeling (real or not) of hunger, craving, and desire. This exercise simply goes with the previous exercise... knowing when you are hungry. Of course, you are very much encouraged to eat the right amount of food at the right time.

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