Thursday, May 2, 2013

Etude House Milk Talk (Choco)

My sister Jessie and I love Etude House. Whenever we would visit the store to buy the usual products - the BB Cream and Eyeliner for her, Nail Polish for me - we always make sure we buy at least p500 worth so we could have a freebie. Actually, it was through this freebies that we get to try other Etude House products, which prompts us to buy these products on our next visit (that happened with the Baking Powder facial wash).

I'm wearing Etude House nail polish, if you wanna know. :)

One shopping day, when sister decided to buy the big tube of the Baking Powder facial wash, we were a bit sad that the store crew was about to put in a little sample pack of the same product. My sister expressed her sadness, and they decided to change the freebie and gave us this.

Now, because we were at the store when this was given, we knew that this is a shower gel. However, if I am to receive this from my sister as a gift (or if I would give this to someone), I surely won't know what this is, because it doesn't have any indications what the product is. Given it's light brown color and the yummy image, I would really mistake this for a food!

The back side of the product didn't have any English translation, too, giving more confusion. Overall, this is my main complaint about Etude House products.

But like what I have said, my sister and I love Etude House products because all the products we've used were so good that we have our full trust on their company. As for this shower gel... it really smelled like chocolate - but not the sweet type, it smelled a little of bittersweet chocolate, like cocoa. The product in this little pack wasn't much, enough for my palm to "hold" it, but I used it like I always use my shower gel - diluted in some water (using a dipper). It produced a good amount of suds, and it smells so good!

After the shower, it leaves a subtle chocolate-y scent on the skin, but maybe because I didn't get to use that much, the scent faded after a few hours. Still, if you wanna smell good, you might wanna try this one out.

Would we repurchase? Maybe. I do loved it, but I am not a big shower gel user (I still go for the old-fashioned soap), so I still am not sure.

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