Monday, May 20, 2013

OMG Nail Colors by Klik | First Date

Sometimes, when you discover something cheap yet very good... you can't help but go shop for more. That's what happened when I started using OMG Nail Colors by Klik. It was one of the cheapest nail polishes I've bought - 19 pesos (almost 0.50usd) for a 10ml bottle. Last January, I bought about 5 bottles of the same brand, all pastel in shade, and since it's summer, I kinda scolded myself for not using any one of it. So... here goes!

OMG Nail Colors | First Date

I love pink... so why not start with it? First Date looks a lot like strawberry smoothie with lotsa milk and whipped cream. I loved the shade, I loved the consistency, but I don't know... the first coat was very difficult to apply. My nails are dry, I applied a base coat, but then applying the first coat was like painting a very shiny surface - the lacquer just won't really stick. Maybe I got a not good bottle because reading blogs featuring this didn't really say anything negative. I also had a problem with the brush - I guess this is my main problem with OMG Nail Colors... the brush spreads good, but the bristles are just too thick that it drags the lacquer as you glide it on the nails. I actually had to start with my skin under my cuticles because if I start with the base of my nails, the brush just digs through it as I cover my nails with the lacquer.

The first coat looked awful, the second coat partially evens out the distribution of color, and the third coat made it look perfect. In the end, I was happy with it because despite the problems, I was able to work with it.

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    Your nails are pretty! I love your color!

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