Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Double Three

Yesterday is a very, very, special day to me because I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Wow, I am so old! :) Nah... no worries about age, as what K and I always tell each other - "you're as young and as old as you think you are." Well, K was also the very first one to greet me on my birthday - he just sent me a link to a gallery "for inspiration," and I was so touched that he remembered my birthday. His actual gift will be the 3-week holiday we will have soon, and I am excited about that.

I changed my birthdate on Facebook, for a change. Well, a few people remembered my birthday - my college best friend Lyn (of course, would she forget), my cousin Jayson, and our neighbor Cha. My friend SJ and Lolo Jay also greeted me through a text message. Thank you all for remembering.

Magnolia Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Ice Cream-ing on my Birthday

I got up at 8am (though I woke up earlier than that). I didn't want to eat breakfast, but mom told me, "I cooked for all of us so we could eat together." My mom rarely cooks for us since sister was born, so it was indeed a sweet surprise. A few hours later, brother handed me a grocery bag greeting me happy birthday, and wow... he bought me a tub of ice cream. Well, I can't eat that much dairy products, but what touched me was that he seemed to remember that my favorite ice cream is the strawberry ice cream by Magnolia. He told me there was no classic strawberry ice cream, but this one tasted awesome...although it was already night time when I tasted it.

2013 Elections

Us siblings spent our whole afternoon at the voting precinct. It's election time once again (for senators, mayors, and other local positions)... and because I wasn't able to vote last time, I had to vote this year or else my name will be deactivated from the voter's list (happened to my sister). There were way too many people, and very few machines to read the voting sheet... and as if that wasn't enough, the minute I signed on the master list and waiting a bit for my voting sheet, the machine had a little problem causing more waiting time. Thankfully voting resumed...and after 5 minutes, I am done voting! Funny though, the voting officer apologized for ruining my manicured nail with the indelible ink, but I am about to change it anyway, so no worries about that.

Celebrating my Birthday

For dinner, the family went to eat at Shakey's, my choice. They ordered a group meal and a seafood platter, but obviously I didn't eat much. The pizza and the chicken we took home.

Rollercoaster with Mom Rollercoaster with Mom

While waiting for our bill at Shakey's, I threw a dare (a joke) to my family - riding the rollercoaster. Well, I meant it as a joke because who would want to ride the rollercoaster after eating a lot for dinner? Quickly, my brother and sister backed out, but my daredevil mother was very eager to do just that. Me and my big mouth. Hahahaha. So of course, we went to ride the rollercoaster. It feels great to scream a happy scream.

The Blondie Shirt

On my birthday, I wore a Blondie shirt - the very first time I wore a piece of clothing bearing a real person's face. Well, their song "Call Me" is #1 at the Billboard Top 100 the week I was born, so when I saw this Blondie shirt on sale last weekend, I immediately bought it.

It was such a fun birthday. I am thankful and happy for having my family and friends... and my birthday wish was "love," in all sense of the word.


We are grateful to have you here.