Friday, May 10, 2013

03 - 09 May 2013

Another uneventful week for me, apart from the movie date I had with my mom and the sugaring hair removal experience I had last Saturday.

The things I am grateful for this week:

First Bday Card this Year Reading a New Book

1) Opening a new blog. Well, I decided to separate my bookish thoughts and open a blog devoted to my couch potato blurbs.

2) The other day, there was a major blackout caused by power plant problems. It was such a hot afternoon and I didn't want to sleep (why does hot weather make people sleepy, by the way), and with my phablet's battery drained, I just opened the next hardcover book I have to read. Thankful that my iPod still has battery, I was able to listen to some music (was listening to Fun.'s "Some Nights" album) while reading.

3) An e-mail from K. He sent an e-mail telling me about a TV series episode which featured "flavoured beer" and reminded me of this restaurant in Iloilo that sells a wide array of foreign beer brands and variants. I told him a month ago that I want us to go there so we can have a few drinks, but at first he wasn't into it - didn't want me to get drunk, didn't want both of us to get drunk while we're far away from home - but when I  responded to his last e-mail and asked him once again for us to have some drinks (I really want to taste Guiness Extra Stout), his response was a quick, "Let's get pissed" (that's a British slang for "let's get drunk"). Yey, he's allowing me to drink now! :D

4) An adult conversation with mom. Hep hep... it's not what you think. Let me explain - at the moment, there's a family problem about one of dad's properties that requires a major decision, and since dad is no longer here, mom's the one who has to decide for a course of action. Even then, us in the family would complain about mom's negative attitude of making hasty decisions without consulting the family. This family problem is something I don't want to speak about (leaving the decision up to my mom) and she seemed to have decided what to do with it, but still, she opened about it and asked for our (bro and I) opinions. She didn't agree nor contradict our opinions, but I still leave it up to her. Whatever she decides on, I am okay with it. I am just thankful that mom talked to us about it.

5) Birthday card from the Nestle Club. Quite early, actually (my birthday is still a few days away)... but it just feels great receiving snail mails bearing such sweet and uplifting words. It says in the card,

"Warmth that's cozy as the shade of a tree, ways that can calm like the peaceful blue sea, a presence that's as essential as sunshine, and various passions, the kind that inspires...
... today we celebrate you and the all the hues you radiate. May your light beam further, your passions glow deeper, and your happiness shine brighter."

Thank you so much, Nestle Club. You were the first one to greet me this year. :)

The things that made me frown:

screen cap taken from Cash Cash Pinoy

1) Missing on another Belle Today deal. Belle Today is a local website for people who want to lose weight (been a member for many, many, many years now), and currently, they have two diet programs - The Bon Apetit Diet and The Chrono-Gen Diet. Both diet programs I want to try, but because I don't have that much money to support such, I always wait for a discounted deal. My sister's always checking the deals on Cash Cash Pinoy, and told me about this. Well, it was still open when I checked it, but I just emptied my PayPal account, not giving me a chance to take part of this. Oh well, better luck next time. :)

2) I felt much better after the short sickness I had last Tuesday, but because of the heat, I still wasn't able to exercise well, but I did at least 30 minutes of workout yesterday and today. I am just hoping I will feel much better soon, so I can go back to my scheduled workouts.

3) Weird eating patterns. This week I seemed to have lost my appetite again - eating dinner at 7pm, then next meal would be at 10am the next day... after I got sick, I ate my dinner at the same time then ate brunch at 9am the next day and didn't eat anything until dinner. Today, I had a good early breakfast at 6:30am, but didn't eat anything until 4pm, and I am not feeling the urge to eat dinner... but I have to eat, otherwise my mom would be cross. I don't know if I lost my appetite just because, or I was afraid to get sick again (because I got sick right after eating something)... but if I don't eat, I know I'd get sick, too.

4) I lost one pound this week. I am not happy about it because I know I didn't lose it because I exercised... I lost it because I was eating little this week. It's not a healthy weight loss, so I don't call it a victory.

5) I just realized... I still haven't fully made a timeline of my holiday with K. Well, the basic timeline was there, but during the dates we're here in Manila, I have to list places to go (preferably the places he hasn't visited yet apart from the ones he wanted to see again and the Japanese Garden in Rizal Park because that's our special place), and I still haven't. Well, that would give me something to do this weekend.

As of this writing, rain is pouring hard. I am glad that the temperature went down, but the sudden change of weather (it was way too hot and humid the entire day) will surely cause a lot of illnesses, I just hope that our bodies can take this erratic weather.

Happy weekends!

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  1. Sometimes it takes a power outage to realize how much we rely on electricity!

    Thanks for joining in again this week Jenn. Much appreciated. ... and happy (early) birthday!

  2. Happy Almost your Birthday! I really like the sentiments in that card.


  3. We see a lot of Dr Cohen here, seems his followers get good results and I think he advocates a sensible eating weight loss life approach, good luck with this.. happy early Birthday (I love birthdays even with the bigger numbers I am celebrating now).


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