Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Date with the Genius, Billoinare, Playboy, Philantropist

Well, if you're a fan of the Avengers... you know by now that I am talking about Tony Stark - aka Iron Man. :) The Philippines was one of the few (if not the only one) that first showed Iron Man 3 last 24 April 2013. I was very eager to watch it as soon as possible, and I was a little bit devastated that I couldn't join Nuffnang's special screening (because I am not a Sun Cell subscriber), but I told myself that I would watch it at the cinema, not only because Iron Man is favorite super hero (since I watched the first movie), but also because I have always had this huge crush on Robert Downey, Jr. since I was in college.

Iron Man 3Finally!

Last Saturday, I was happy to finally watch it. I really wanted it to be us three girls (mom, sis, and I), but sister was at work and would stay at her college friend for the weekend. I wasn't sure until when the cinema would show the movie, so I asked mom if she would like to watch with me. My mom didn't know any of the Iron Man movies, but because I told her we would watch it on 3D, she decided to come with me.

Of course it was a great cinematic experience. I laughed, and there were a little tears shed, too (especially towards the end)... but as always, I stayed until the very, very end... because I knew there will still be a little snippet after the credits have been rolled out. If you still haven't watched the movie, please... don't leave the cinema until the very end, because not only was this very last scene funny, it was such a relief as well.

I thought my mom didn't like it because yes, the movie was a little slow at first and my mom was yawning loud, but I was still happy that she laughed at the certain scenes - like the Dora the Explorer watch and the Tony Stark tattoo. In the end, she was okay about it...even telling brother about certain things about the movie.

images taken from Google Images - credits to the rightful owners

I couldn't find any images and movie scenes (edit: found this video on YouTube)... but I just wanna say that Tony Stark's Audi R8 was such a drool-worthy car! I think this car Robert Downey, Jr. drove at the premier was the Audi R8 Spyder, but the one in the movie was the Audi R8 E-Tron. Well, if James Bond has the Aston Martin, Tony Stark has the Audi. Too bad the car wasn't used that much in the movie (unlike how he used another Audi R8 at the Iron Man 2).

I unlocked my GetGlue sticker by watching this movie... and this crossed off my list, I am now looking forward to watching Despicable Me 2...also in 3D.

Eyebrows Shaped

Also last Saturday, I had a little pampering time - I had my eyebrows shaped and my upper lip hair removed using the newest tend - sugaring. My eyebrows aren't virgins anymore, and I liked that the sugarer (the salon staff) didn't take too much of my eyebrows. She understood that it was my first time to have my eyebrows trimmed and shaped... so she just made a clean arch. After a month, if I still want to, I will just have it trimmed more.The upper lip hair thing, I didn't really plan to do... but while shaping my eyebrows the sugarer told me about my upper lip hair, so in the end I just had it removed, too.


Next week, I am hoping to visit a gym. I am practically begging my brother to come with me at the gym (even for just one week) just to help me get familiarized with the machines. I know this sounds very dependent, and I know I can just go to gym if I really want to, but like a lot of things, going to the gym was a big leap of faith for me - kinda like a child going to the school for the first time. I really do hope that he will join me just until I can familiarize myself with how each of the machines work, but if he really doesn't want to, then this week I will just continue with my scheduled workout.

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