Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Sweet Way of Removing Hair

Sugaring: Before Picture Sugaring: Before Picture

At 32 years old, my eyebrows are still virgins. I haven't tried anything to shape it, because back when I was very much younger, the idea of using tweezers to pull out hair was already a torture, and I didn't want to go with razor because it was risky and I knew no one would shape my eyebrows once the hair grew back.

As for my upper lip hair... well, it was something that I didn't mind. I knew even then that I had a very thin layer of upper lip hair, but it was just fine. Lately though, it became very noticeable. Still, it wasn't part of my priority because I knew shaving it would cause for the hair to become thick.

Barenaked Sugaring Salon

Last weekend, my friend Ria and I went to Barenaked Sugaring Salon for a treatment. She had her upper lip hair removed (because hers was more noticeable and longer than mine), while I decided to had my eyebrows shaped.

Sugaring is now the latest trend in hair removal. Compared to waxing, sugaring is less painful and that people don't really have to wait for their hair to grow that much to have it removed. Barenaked Sugaring Salon uses sugar paste made from imported sugar in taking the hair out.

Barenaked Sugaring Salon

Prices were quite affordable, if you ask me, and what's great is that the salon gives out a Loyalty Card. This card has ten stamp slots, and once all ten slots are filled, the customer can have a treatment at 50% off. They also offer a 50% discount if you had your treatment during your birth month.

Barenaked Sugaring Salon

I love this sight! On either sides are the cubicles, so all treatments are done in private - even if you will only have your eyebrows shaped. Only customers are allowed to come inside the cubicles, but mothers with little kids can come with them, only if the treatment is light.

While waiting for our turn, one customer had her eyebrows shaped. After 15 minutes, it was already done and Ria and I voiced out our comments about how quick it was. The customer was so friendly and gracious in telling us how much she loves Bakenaked Sugaring Salon, not only because the treatments didn't take much time, but because she noticed the effects of having hair removed this way. She said, she started with her underarms, and after about 4 sessions, her underarm hair isn't growing anymore. She then tried it with her legs, and after 3 sessions, the hair on her legs became thinner. Wow.

Barenaked Sugaring Salon

I had my treatment first because my mom and I planned to watch a movie after the treatment. Pictures weren't actually allowed to be taken during the treatment (trade secrets, of course), but because it was my first time to have such treatment, they allowed a picture to be snapped - while the sugarer was cleaning my eyebrows.

The experience? Well, I haven't tried waxing so I didn't have anything to compare it with, but it wasn't painful. Yes, there will be moments of surprise, but overall, it was very tolerable. I guess my tolerance to pain is quite high, but really, it wasn't as painful as you might think it is.

The sugarer worked on my right eyebrow first. Since it was my first time, she decided not to be drastic with the change of look - she basically just cleaned the excess hair on top and bottom of my main eyebrow arch, so the next time I come back, I can just ask them to trim more if I wanted to.

After the eyebrows, they asked if I wanted to have my upper lip hair removed, too. Frankly, I was okay if it was there... but remembering the words said by the customer we met earlier, I decided to have it taken out, too.

Sugaring: After Pics Sugaring: After Pics
Sugaring: After Pics Sugaring: After Pics

The after pictures.

I loved the way the sugarer shaped my eyebrows. Yes, it was still a little thick and the salon owner said it might need a little arch, but as is, I was already happy. I also loved not having upper lip hair, and I will surely come back for another treatment.

The sugarer asked me not to wet the treated area for about 4-6 hours, and come back when the hair starts growing in about three weeks. Not bad if you ask me.

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