Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nail Polish Tried While in La Union

Hello, Jenn here. Jessie and I arrived in Cubao around 4:45am today (we took the 10:30pm bus from La Union last night), and I went straight home and she headed for work. I am used to travel at night and would still have a normal day when I get home, but for reasons I was just feeling tired and sleepy. The entire bus trip, I was just there -sitting and sleeping. I did wake up time to time, but my eyes would close again after a few minutes. When I got home, I immediately washed the used clothes from my trip and dozed back to sleep. First time this happened, really.

Anyway, like what I said on my previous post, I didn't really took the time to roam around while I was in La Union, but one thing that made me kinda busy aside from reading a book was painting my nails. I was actually hoping to do nail art for Halloween, but I was having a difficult time using the white nail polish I brought, so I just scratched the idea and will just try it again next year.

While in La Union, I took a day to visit my cousin and her new baby. During that day, too, I borrowed her nail care kit and seeing some bottles of nail polish I haven't tried yet, I decided to paint my nails. I will make a post about it some other time, but it didn't have a good ending, so before the day ended, I struggled hard to find a way to paint my nails.

Sassy Colors Nail Polish | Lime Green

Sassy Colors in Mint Green. After taking out the supposed to be nail polish of the day, I tried using several nail polish my cousin owns. None of them worked for my nails as everything seemed too difficult to apply, until my niece Louianne (daughter of another cousin) arrived with two bottles of nail polish she borrowed from someone who paints nails to earn extra money. The blue one was a little too sticky for my liking, so I went ahead and use this green nail polish.

At first, I told them I already used this nail polish so no need for me to take pictures of my painted hand with the nail polish bottle, but when I got home that day, I realized the one I used before was the My Posh Nail Polish in Jade. Good thing I decided to go with this in the end.

Anyway, the formula of this nail polish was a bit on the runny side. It was also a little sheer - as you can see on my ring and pinkie fingers. I used three coats and it was still a little sheer and it was also a little bit difficult to even out the distribution of the lacquer. It reminded me of my other Sassy Colors nail polish (aquamarine), which I gave to my cousin that day (without really blogging about yet) because I didn't like the runny formula.

Despite the problems with the formula, it actually stayed long on my nails, something I liked.

Caronia Nail Polish | African Plum

Caronia Nail Polish in African Plum. This was one of the nail polish my cousin owns but I wasn't able to try the day I visited her because even if the formula was okay when I tip the bottle from one side to the other, it was a different case when I started painting my nails. The brush was thin and wouldn't spread out, and the lacquer tend to get thick and because of the thin brush, making it even on my nails was a test of patience. I went back to their house about three nights ago and asked if I could borrow this particular nail polish because I really wanted it to be a part of my Nail Files here on our blog.

I painted my nails the day before sis and I left La Union, and because it didn't have a nice finish - even with three coats it was still difficult to even out the polish (but I gotta tell it was easier to glide the brush on the second and third coating) that I decided not to do the typical pictures anymore as taking pictures would reveal how uneven my nail polish was. I just let it stay there, because I didn't want my nails to go nude.

Even if the initial experience with the nail polish, I actually loved it after it dried completely. From afar it wasn't so obvious that my manicure sucks, and I personally loved that it looked black at first glance (or maybe very deep brown or maroon), but looked like "duhat" when looked closely.

Last 31 October, Aunt Ju and I went to the market after tidying up the graves of our dead loved ones and I spotted a local nail polish brand, Klik. I told her I'd buy one because it was cheap, but seeing a whole lot of different colors, it wasn't so easy to choose which one to buy (I just wanted to try the brand if it's good). I did the "eenie-minee-miney-moo" thing and picked a shade called African Plum as well. A dupe? Hmmm let's see. :)

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One nail polish post after another... am I turning this one into a nail polish blog? Not at all. I admit I am having a love affair with nail polish right now, but to give this blog a wider scope, I decided to blog about nail polish every weekends. Next nail polish post will be next Saturday.

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