Monday, November 12, 2012

Madagascar Christmas Adventure at SM City Fairview

Madagascar Christmas Set Up

It was about two Christmas seasons ago when I remembered having a Christmas-related set-up for shoppers to see and have pictures of. In 2010 they set up a Gingerbread house (picture from my Flickr page HERE), and last year they had the Winter Wonderland. This year, the loveable characters of the animated film "Madagascar" (Gloria, Melman, Alex, and Marty) are the stars!

Host Divine Lee QC Vice-Mayor Joy Belmonte

Last Saturday (10 November) was the day SM City Fairview launched the Madagascar Christmas Adventure. Divine Lee hosted the event, and before they unveiled the big set-up, a few people gave speeches first - including some representatives from SM and the Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte.


The whole show was awesome! There was a percussion presentation before the curtain was dropped, building the suspense. I think everybody watching the show was really on their feet waiting to see what was beyond the curtain.

Presentation PresentationPresentation PresentationPresentation

There are four main characters in the movie and each were introduced with a dance number. I really love that presentation for Gloria and Alex, but of course they were all great. At the end, every performer were on the stage for an explosive ending. :)


When one speaks of Christmas, most people say it's for the kids... and SM City Fairview didn't forget the kids for this occasion. From what I heard, each SM Mall sponsors a charitable institution, and while I forgot the actual name of the institution, SM City Fairview gave gifts to kids with Autism. Seeing the joy in the kids' faces was priceless.

Cutesy Bears

Also, for this Christmas season, SM City Fairview launched the Bears of Joy, which can be a great gift suggestion. For only 100 pesos, you can get two bears - one for you to take home, one you put in the Christmas tree, which will be given to charity. I surely will buy one this Christmas season.

Madagascar Christmas Set Up

Among the first people who put the bears on the tree were big names from SM, politicians Nikki Coseteng and Joy Belmonte as well as celebrity Michael V. and his family.

Of course, after the event has ended, I did line up to have pictures for myself:

with Michael V.

... with Michael V. (too bad Divine Lee left even before I asked her for a photo op)

Madagascar Christmas Set Up

...and at the stage! My brother and I really waited before the stage was clear because we knew, the next day there will be so many people wanting to have their pictures taken, so this would be a great chance for us to "own the stage."

The Madagascar Christmas Adventure is located at the Annex of SM City Fairview (fronting ACE Hardware). It's going to be there until January 10, so while it's still there, please come and have a picture with your friends and family. Christmas is for kids, yes... and that includes us kids at heart. :)

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