Saturday, November 17, 2012

Runts Scented Nail Polish

Hey, it's Saturday again... time to talk about nail polish again. :)

Before I traveled to La Union, I already thought of doing a nail art in time for Halloween, and since I also wanted to spend time with my cousin Mhai, I asked her if she has any nail polish in her basket, so I could try it out, too, and blog about it. She did tell me she has three kiddie-like nail polish - green, orange, and yellow - which made me really giddy because I still haven't tried yellow and orange yet. She did warn me that she didn't find it so good, but because I only wanted to swatch it on my nails (for a blog post), I told her it was all okay.

Runts Scented Nail Polish

When I visited her, she quickly showed me these bottles. The yellow one didn't have a label anymore as there were a lot of kids in the house (my Aunt Lorie is taking care of her 4 grandchildren during daytime).

Runts Scented Nail Polish

Product is made by Nestle, and please forgive me as I didn't know Runts is actually a brand of candy prior to this nail polish session. When I saw it, I exclaimed they're like Skittles. Hahaha. Opening each of the bottles, it did have a nice fruity scent to it, which immediately made me conclude these nail polish might be made for kids to use.

Runts Scented Nail Polish

I swatched each of the polish on my nails, just to give me an idea which among the three I will use. Application was quite difficult as the formula tend to have these very thick gooey like something inside. I thought maybe these bottles have been there for quite sometime and because it's scented, maybe the kids play with it and weren't able to close the cap really tight. I also thought maybe the air might have something to contribute to it, too, as my cousin's place is in the countryside - lots of big, open spaces and that wind is blowing constantly. Wind wasn't that strong, but it did make the formula thicken rather quickly.

Painting my nails using this nail polish gave me an impression that I was painting my nails with glue mixed with water. The gooey like substance is actually rubbery, which reminded me when I used to do decoupage years ago. The nail polish looked good when they dried up, but among the three, the green one was the most difficult to apply because it didn't level itself real good.

Runts Scented Nail Polish | Orange

In the end, I chose to use the orange, because it was the easiest one to use. Painting my nails, it looked a little milky, but when it dried, the color looked deeper; again, giving me the impression that I was painting my nails with glue.

The way I paint my nails has always been this: I paint my nails the way I always do, never minding the excess lacquer on my cuticles and skin. I don't clean it up right away (I just let it dry) and after a few hours, I'd just scrape off these polish on my cuticles and skin under running water using my the nails on my thumbs, which is why I photograph my painted nails the day after I painted them. My hands did have some excess polish, but because I don't own the bottles and I couldn't wait until the next day to photograph them, I just used toothpick wrapped with cotton dipped in acetone to clean up the excess. The horror then came, because as I tried cleaning around the cuticles, the polish was difficult to take out and it did peel. Definitely, it was like using glue.

I took out the nail polish before I left their house because each of the polish on my hand peeled off after I washed my hands. My cousin and my niece were actually wondering why it didn't last on my nails as my niece said she once painted her father's toenails (just for fun) using this and it lasted a few days. Personally, I really loved how this orange nail polish looked on my hands (even if I don't have a fair skin tone), so I was really sad that I had to take it out, by peeling it off. I was hoping I could wear this as my Halloween mani.

Writing this post made me regret that I didn't paint my nails with the yellow and green one as well just for pictures. If my cousin still has these nail polish when I travel back, I'll use it again. :)

PS - I have been browsing a lot of nail polish blogs lately and all of them use the term "nail polishes." Makes me wonder, is it grammatically correct to use the word "polishes" as plural for polish? I asked because back then I thought it was okay to use "stuffs" as plural for stuff until I learned "stuffs" is a verb not a noun, so knowing "polishes" is a verb, I am now wondering if it can be used as a noun as well. This question is honest to goodness question, as I really don't know the answer.

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  1. Awww, that's too bad about the peeling. And I've been wondering about that too. lol. I think I saw in Wiktionary that "nail polishes" is the plural form of nail polish but I'm not sure if Wiktionary's accepted as a dictionary.


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