Sunday, November 25, 2012

Etude House Nail Polish | PP903

How busy can I be?

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I attended a culinary class then I spent time with my sister and today, I woke up late, then the family went to the mall to celebrate brother's birthday. I need to sleep early tonight, but will share this before I go to dreamland.

Etude House Nail Polish | PP903Etude House Nail Polish | PP903 Etude House Nail Polish | PP903 Etude House Nail Polish | PP903

I purchased this bottle together with the other purple Etude House Nail Polish (PP905). At that time, I really wanted these "milky" colored nail polishes, but I didn't want to test each of the colors on my nails, so I went for this one before I purchase others of its kind.

The shade reminds of me Ube Milkshake. It's definitely pretty, but I couldn't understand why it made my skin look darker in some angles. Despite the not-so-flattering skin shade, I really loved this one. This was the second time I used this nail polish (first time I didn't photograph it), and the first time I used it, it glided just smoothly on my nails, but now it was a little thicker and very streaky! I posted a picture of my nails using my cell phone right after I finished painting them and posted it on Facebook, and my sister said it looked ugly because it shows brush strokes. Thankfully, the top coat minimized the streaks, but it was still quite visible. From afar, it looks okay, though.

As with the other Etude House products I used, this chipped easily, too, but one thing I liked about it was that I can just dab some lacquer on the chipped part and it dried flat, so it wasn't noticeable that I just concealed some areas. :) 

I passed by Etude House earlier and noticed there weren't much nail polishes anymore, but then, they still have a few shades I liked, so maybe two weeks from now I will allow myself to buy two more bottles, but will go for Nature Republic first as I haven't tried their products yet.

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