Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Stage of Room Makeover: Done!

Sunday is usually our "lazy day" here at home. No one wanted to cook (or shop for something to cook), and we pretty much either wanted to just sleep or watch tv or do something else. It's nearly 1pm here now, yet no one has eaten lunch, simply because we had our breakfast quite late as well.

Though it's a lazy day, most of the time I don't blog during Sundays, too, maybe because I am such a couch potato, or I'd rather just check things on the Internet than blog. I feel sleepy - been coughing way too much since last night that my voice is now affected (can't speak clear) - yet I didn't want to waste this day, so here I am writing a post.

When I got home from our vacation, I wasn't able to sleep in my own room for 2 days because the room was looked so wasted - too many clutter around the room, and the cats owning the room made it worse. I tried sleeping on my bed the night I got home, but middle of the night I felt something bit my shoulder and as I spanked on it, I realized I just hit a small baby cockroach. It was so gross, and as I got up to clean myself, I noticed two more cockroaches. Investigating further, I finally saw their "household." I wouldn't go into the gory details, but seeing that cockroach household made me feel so filthy and horrendous. There weren't that much, but then seeing just one cockroach is already icky, seeing three more is just too much to bear.

The next day, I took the cats out of the room, placed back all clothes in my closet (just dumped it all in as I would tackle them next time) and secured things I needed to secure. I took out this Chinese-made pesticide (which the family swears to be much efficient than the ones on TVCs) and started spraying around. I kept the room closed for one full day.

Plastic Bookshelf

The next day was the daunting task of all - clean up. I started by sweeping out the dead roaches, then mopped the floor, then took out the things I wanted out of the room. I read the book "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat" by Paul Walsh and learned that some things (even if it has "sentimental value") are just clutter and seeing some of the items I have in the room turning into a dust farm, I tossed them out, even if they were gifts from way, way back. The whole clean up took me the entire morning and half of the afternoon.

This is now how the plastic shelf looks like. Before, it had my collection of quarter moon figurines, which I now took out, with the exception of four items from the collection. Under that, it used to house brother's culinary magazine collection, which I placed in a different location. Before, the bottom shelf is the only place that has books, but now I used both spaces for the books. Seven books on the bottom shelf aren't mine, six are my uncle's, one is my aunt's. which I borrowed. I know in time there will be a gap when I return the books, but of course, that would mean reasons for me to buy my own books. :)

I love how it looks now. The quarter moon collection was my collection, yes, but not seeing that much ways to attract dust made me feel lighter. A clean up every three days won't be so difficult now. Some other old gifts and wall items I also took out, just to make the room look brighter and spacious.

I now sleep soundly in my own room. I love the fresh smell of new sheets, I love the look of clean walls and clean floors, I love the look of less clutter on my desks. I still am not done with the makeover; there are still things I want to do, maybe I will work on that this coming week and share the progress as I go.

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