Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Off to La Union!

End of October and early November wasn't really that big of a moment for us in the family; our departed loved ones were buried in the provinces (Pangasinan and La Union - our parents' home provinces), and because traveling would cost much if we travel as a family, we just pay respect by lighting some candles come All Saints and All Souls Days.

When daddy died in 2007, we started traveling to La Union every All Saints/Souls Day to light a candle on his grave. About that year, too, an annual event is happening in La Union, giving us more reason to travel to La Union - Surf Break.

In 2009, I was able to attend the Surf Break with my sister Jessie. It was so great to be traveling and attending the event with her - when I was there the previous year, I didn't get to enjoy it that much because I was alone and because I am just a mere spectator, I was just there - sitting, walking, taking pictures.

This year, I am very pleased to say that sister will be traveling with me tomorrow, in time for the first day of Surf Break on Friday. She will just stay 'til Friday - traveling back to Manila on Saturday morning because she has work Saturday night. Well, even if it's going to be just a day spent with her, I am already looking forward to many pictures taken with her. I, on the other hand, will stay there 'til November 2, so I will definitely attend all three days of Surf Break.

The 26th will be the only day sister and I will be together in La Union (though she plans to travel back on November 1), so we have planned a full day of activities - eating out for lunch and dinner, as well as visiting Luna Church and the Pebble Beach.

28 to 31 of October will be lax days for me; setting a budget of p150 a day, I am already quite certain that my days will be spent visiting my cousin (and her little bundle of joy) or maybe read books - I plan to bring "The Nature of Water and Air"  by Regina McBride so I can finally finish it, then start reading "The Fifty Shades of Grey" books right after. I will be bringing my net book with me, so hoping for free WiFi I can grasp, I think blogging will resume for me. I didn't plan to travel that much - I don't know where else to go in La Union and that I don't think my budget will be enough for me to go to Baguio or Vigan, so I will just enjoy my staycation. :)

I still haven't packed my things, but I already prepared the clothes I will use for the Surf Break. It will be a time for me to get really dark, so no shirts for me - will wear sleeveless most days for this vacation, so if I get dark, at least my entire arms will be dark.

It still feels awful that I wasn't able to continue my weight loss program - even gained 14lbs since I stopped... but I know after this vacation, I just have to bounce back. Two cousins will get married early next year and I have to prepare for that.

Anyway, except for my luggage, all's set for this trip. I am already feeling giddy! :)

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