Sunday, November 25, 2012

The First Step + Goals & Challenges for the Week

I wasn't able to post this last week because I got so busy. Anyway, I already made the first step - walking to and around Colinas Verdes. It was a great change because getting up early in the morning was quite difficult for me to do. I guess it was also a blessing that I received a call at 5am, making me get up and get going after the call ended.

Colinas Verdes Clubhouse
Cinderella Man Flowers from a Vine What Remains of a Palm Tree

It's been a while since I last walked that long, and I just have to say that my legs were hurting so bad! Still, I was thankful that I was able to endure it. One thing I realized though, is that I badly need a new pair of running shoes. The one I currently own is still in tip-top shape, but the length is just enough to fit my feet, so after an hour of walking, my big toes would feel slight pain. Hopefully there will be a sale happening soon, so I can purchase a new pair - big enough to allow my feet some breathing space.

I still haven't done any of the Hip Hop Abs routines because of my hectic schedule, but now that my body has already took the first step, I think I am very much ready to do the rest of the fitness things I have to do. Let's start losing weight! :)

This is the last week of November, so I will treat this week as as some sort of preparation for December. With the holidays coming in, there will be a lot of feasts and food trips, making this weight loss journey difficult. Well, with the rewards I plan to give myself, for sure I will work hard to achieve it.

For this week (26 November - 01 December), I listed 10 goals/challenges:
  1. Walk to and around Colinas Verdes everyday, with pictures to back it up.
  2. 2/3 cups of rice per meal. 
  3. 3 cups of coffee for the entire week.
  4. Drink 15+ cups of water everyday.
  5. Finish Hip Hop Abs' "Hips, Buns, and Thighs" routine.
  6. Clean the Closet. (Not really weight-loss related, I know...)
  7. Eat at least 1 kind of vegetable everyday (potatoes not included)
  8. Use the Elliptical Machine for at least 10minutes a day.
  9. Continue with sharing the Beck Diet Solution.
  10. Keep a Food Log (everyday has to have an update).
Biggest challenge would be #5, but I will do it. :)

Reward for the weekly challenges is nail polish, so if I can all these challenges, I will reward myself with 2 bottles of Nature Republic nail polish.

Will share my fitness/exercise schedule tomorrow.

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