Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thank God It's Monday!

Yesterday was such a fun day for the family. Thirty five years ago, mom and dad vowed to love each other forever, and although dad only celebrated twenty nine years of it (he died in 2007), us four remaining members of the family see to it that we celebrate this day, even in the simplest manner.

With MommySister and Brother

For this year's celebration, we went to eat lunch at King Bee Chinese Food in Commonwealth. Mom filed a leave of absence to process some documents (she's retiring this year), and suggested we eat lunch at Little Quiapo, where they held their wedding reception. Personally, I am not much raving about their food, so I suggested we eat at King Bee instead, because I still haven't used the GC they gave me when I attended a blogging event at the restaurant. My mom loves to eat dimsum (she's super crazy about Siomai and Hakaw), and she hasn't tasted Siomai here, and I figured this might be a good chance for her to try it out. Thankfully, Jessie's shift at work changed and she was able to celebrate with us.

The family feasted on: Dimsum (Siomai, Hakaw, and Bird's Eye Siomai - which can be seen on the pictures above), Buttered Chicken, King Fish in Thai Sauce, and Pancit Guisado. All of the food served were delicious, but the one thing I loved the most about this food trip was how efficient their staff were. They were quick to attend to our needs, and they would refill our tea and water even if we don't ask them to.

After the lunch, brother accompanied mom to the office for the document processing. Jessie and I on the other hand went to the mall to walk, enjoy the day, and shop! Main item we were looking for is a nursing blouse, which our cousin is requesting for us to shop for her because she's breastfeeding and doesn't own any blouses she could use when going out with her baby. We weren't able to find one, so we just shopped for our personal needs/wants instead.

Monday Haul

Jessie bought:
  • Megan Hair Removal Cream - first time that I saw her buy something like this, we don't have thick, long hairs on our arms and legs, so this product she will use on her underarms, as she doesn't like using tweezers like I do and fears shaving makes her underarms darker.
  • Colgate Optic White Toothpaste - she works at a restaurant dealing with people everyday, she has to have a good set of teeth. :)
  • Petroleum Jelly - for her chapped lips.
  • Off! Lotion - simply because there are a lot of mosquitoes at home recently.
  • Caribbean Flip Flops (Red) - just because her last pair of rubber sandals is showing signs of retirement. 
I bought:
  • Caribbean Flip Flops (Purple) - aside from nail polishes, I love buying flip flops every now and then. I intend to buy the purple with black straps, but Jessie said the one with clear straps looked much better.
  • Nivea Intense Whitening Lotion - the cold weather makes my skin so dry, and because I tend to get dark rather easily,  I always go for the whitening kind. This is my second 50ml bottle.
  • Vaseline Hand and Nail Cream - I am now blogging about my nail polishes and my hands need to be presentable for pictures, so I bought this.
  • Human ♥ Nature Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner - Our neighbor who sells this product is always out of town lately, so when I saw this available at the mall, I knew I had to buy it because I just emptied my bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
  • Sassy Colors Nail Polish Remover - for 28 pesos per 120ml bottle, this was the cheapest and the best nail polish remover I have used.
  • Nail Polishes - I seldom go to TriNoma, so I made sure I bought enough to satisfy my budding addiction. While in SM MOA last Saturday, I saw some of the Bobbie Nail Polishes and was so tempted to buy bottles of their Holoprism Collection (at that time I saw 6 of 7 shades). Good thing I didn't buy it because while in TriNoma, I found out that they sell Bobbie Nail Polish for only 29.75 pesos, very cheap compared to the 36 pesos per bottle at Watson's SM MOA. I only bought 5 bottles - "Mudslide," "Margarita," "Mojito," "Mint Daquiri," and "Vodka on Ice" - because they don't have Weng Weng and I didn't know that Purple Passion was part of the collection (they named 99% of the collection to cocktail drinks, so it didn't occur to me that Purple Passion was part of it). I also bought Klik "Candy Pink," which looks a lot like the strawberry flavored Skittles. There were a lot of Klik nail polishes at that time, but I just refrained myself from buying because I might use up all of my money! Lastly, I also bought OMG (Oh My Golly) nail polishes. The last ones I bought were the Crystal Sand collection (I still don't have the Hematite though), and I wanted to try their creme nail polish so I bought four bottles - "Sunset," "Atlantis," "Happy Hour," and "Stiletto." 

Jessie used up all of her 500 pesos budget, while my purchased summed to a little over 800 pesos. I know I can be real thrifty, but there are times that I splurge as well. The Landmark Department Store in TriNoma sells a lot of nail stuff, and I am thinking of going back there to buy other nail polishes (I saw a brand called Elena and thought it looked pretty) and nail art supply - glitter and brushes. I am not going to divert into nail art as I seriously don't have the talent for it, but I think buying the brushes is much better than buying bottles of nail polishes with special brushes. Even if I am not going to pursue nail art, I know there will be times that I would want to re-create nail arts I've seen on blogs and YouTube, and these brushes will come in handy.

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