Thursday, January 17, 2013

If the Shoe Fits, part 2

It's my rest day today, so it's now my time to update this blog. Following my sister's post about the shoes she bought at a thrift shop, here are the pairs I bought:

Sister's Wedge ShoesSister's Wedge Shoes Sister's Wedge Shoes

This pair of wedge shoes was first spotted by Jenny. It was small for her, so she suggested I try it on. I do love wedge type of shoes because it gives me the elevation I needed without too much trouble, because the soles are flat. Whenever I go shoe shopping, the wedges are the first pairs I try on. Anyway, this one's size 37, just the right size for me. It's price? 120 pesos. Pretty cheap, eh? I am not sure if this one's a new pair or someone owned this before, but to be sure, I did wipe the shoe bed with disinfectant before I wore it.

Sister's Gladiator ShoesSister's Gladiator Shoes Sister's Gladiator Shoes

This was another one of those 120 pesos a pair shoes that I bought at the same store, at a different time. Ever since we bought our first few pairs of shoes at this thrift shop, we do check it from time to time if there are any good pairs we can buy. As usual, it was Jenny who spotted this pair. I may be into shoes more than her, but I do think she has a good eye for pretty pairs! It was a little difficult to wear because it has a zipper and belt-like something around the ankles, but it was indeed pretty.

One thing I like about shopping shoes at a thrift shop is that I am quite certain that it's quite unique - that nobody in the store will get to wear the same shoes, but of course, down side is that if it doesn't fit and you like it a lot, all you can do is hope that the next time you shop, you can find a great pair of shoes you can buy at such a low price.

Of course, not all shoes we own are bought from the thrift shop, we do own "certified new" shoes, which we will share next time.

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