Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Posh Nail Polish | Golden Plum

When I started buying bottles of nail polish, I only used it for my toenails. In 2010, I started growing my fingernails and eventually, started learning how to paint my fingernails. Even if I bought a few bottles, I never really took the time to photographed my painted nails, and I sort of regretted doing that. Had I known I will start blogging about nail polish, I never should've thrown away a whole lot of bottles without swatching them on my nails and photograph it.

No sense regretting now, as I do have a few more old nail polishes I have yet to share to you, so for now, allow me to do such.

Mid 2011, my sister Jessie and I joined the Mt. Pinatubo trek, and the organizer of the trek gave us 100 pesos GC because he said the fee that we initially paid was 100 pesos more than the actual fee to be paid. What I did with my GC was go to the mall and buy bottles of My Posh nail polishes, which was my favorite that time because it was cheap at 16 pesos per bottle.

My Posh | Golden PlumMy Posh | Golden Plum

Among the shades I bought that time was Golden Plum, because I love purple! As you can see in the picture, there was a very few lacquer in the bottle, and because I haven't touched this for the longest time, it was already goopy and very thick. Back when it was still new, it glided like butter on my nails, it was easy to use and if the lacquer left in the bottle could be a good indication, then I could say this was one of my beloved nail polishes. It wasn't really noticeable, and what I liked about it was that it also looked brown in some angles (kinda like Sassy Colors Iced Mocha).

Fast forward to today. The nail polish is very thick and goopy now, and although application wasn't that difficult, I had to glide the brush very lightly so the lacquer would be uniform. Because the lacquer has gotten thick, bubbles formed almost instantly, and I really hated it. On my nails are two thick coats of Golden Plum and there was nothing I could do about the bubbles.

Throwing the bottle now won't be so tough to do because I have already used up most of the lacquer. I still like My Posh nail polish because of the many reasons, however, I have to tell myself to use it every now and then and not let them go old to prevent it from becoming too thick and goopy.

PS - I forgot to mention that My Posh now has a different bottle. Aesthetically, I love this bottle over the new one because this one looks like a mini perfume bottle, but I do understand that storing this kind of bottle would take up more space compared to the new one.

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