Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Nails on My Cousin's Wedding Day

I know for sure that I don't have the talent to do intricate nail art, but every time a special occasion comes, I try to look for easy nail art so that my nails won't just be wearing one solid color.

Red and Blue Saran Wrapped Nails Red and Blue Saran Wrapped Nails

"Tomato Red with a Touch of Tiffany Blue" was my cousin's motif for her wedding. Ever since she told me this, I have searched for nail art I could do, but whenever I test it out, I often get a little disheartened especially when doing my right hand, as I would be using my left hand. Checking YouTube, a certain "Saran Wrap Nails Tutorial" caught my attention, and after watching it, I knew I found the nail art I would be doing.

For this, I used Caress "Sparkle Pink" and Etude House "CBL601." First, I painted all my nails with "Sparkle Pink" (two thick coats) and allowed it to dry completely (that meant keeping it overnight). The next day, I cut out pieces of saran wrap (or cling wrap) and crumple them so it will be handy afterwards. Going one nail after the other, I painted my nails with one thin coat of "CBL601" and while it was still wet, I dabbed the crumpled cling wrap gently, taking out a bit of the blue polish while creating a cute effect. I allowed it to dry for a few minutes, cleaned the excess nail polish around my cuticles and some parts of my fingers before applying a top coat.

Red and Blue Saran Wrapped NailsRed and Blue Saran Wrapped Nails Red and Blue Saran Wrapped Nails

The result was cute, and my relatives were actually curious about it. One niece commented my nails looked like quail eggs, and for a minute I did agree with her. Anyway, lessons learned about doing this nail art -
  1. Don't be too thrifty with materials. The cling wrap I prepared were only about 2x2 in size and it was quite a small one to do the design. It doesn't mean I have to use big ones next time, it's just that I learned that I have to use big enough of a crumpled ball of cling wrap to get the results I hoped.
  2. Dab the cling wrap lightly. Even if the base color was very, very dry prior to doing the next step, applying a new coat of nail polish would make the existing one fragile as well. Dabbing too hard or too much might cause for both nail polish colors to blend and might cause rough, uneven layer on your nails (I learned this while testing this nail art weeks ago).
  3. Don't neglect the sides of the nails. I have very curvy nails, so even if I would use a big saran wrap ball, the sides won't get as much effect as the middle part of my nails. As you can notice on the very first picture, there were quite a lot of blue nail polish on some of my nails. If you have similar nails as mine, you can address this issue by either dabbing the saran wrap ball on the sides of your nails, or rock your fingers as you dab on it.
  4. There are two ways of doing this art. One is to pour a small amount of nail polish (the second color) on a sheet of paper or plastic, dip the saran wrap ball and dab it on your nails. The other is the one I did.
  5. Dabbing too much might "erase" the second nail polish color you applied. So go easy on it to prevent wasting nail polish, but just in case you erased quite a lot, no need to re-do the whole thing from the start, just apply another thin coat of nail polish and dab again.
I love doing this nail art! It's very simple and easy to do, and the results aren't as messy looking compared to cracked nail polish.

If you're doing three or more colors, do it one color at a time, and depending on how much nail polish you applied, you might use 10 saran wrap balls (one for each nail), but if you're asking me, I used only 5. :)

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