Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Nail Polish Freebie

Happy weekends!

I wasn't able to go online all day yesterday because I went to watch "Les Miserables" at the cinema (will talk about that next time) and roamed around the mall with Jessie. It was near midnight when we got home, and I was so tired already, so I put off all blog updates until today.

Before I share about today's nail polish post, lemme share this story first because I am just so happy!

This afternoon, I went with my mom to visit her friend and after, we passed by another friend's house to check her little boutique. My mom's friend gave me a dress that I could wear on my cousin's wedding, so when we got to the boutique I wasn't interested to check the clothes anymore. Instead, I busied myself checking the accessories. I saw tubes of glitter and wanted to buy it, and before I told mom about it, I saw a bottle of teal nail polish at the glass drawer. The owner told me the nail polish wasn't for sale because she just used it, and when she learned that I wanted to buy the glitters so I can make my own glitter top coat, she excused herself and handed me this instead:

Mary Kay Nail Polish | Lava

A bottle of Mary Kay nail polish!

I knew Mary Kay products are so pricey, so when I asked how much it was, I was already prepared to hear a price as much as 300 pesos. What surprised me was that the store owner said I can have this for free and I could consider it as a gift. Wow!

This is my first US-Made nail polish and I am just happy to own it. I will swatch it next time... I really now have a growing number of nail polish to swatch. :)

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