Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bobbie Magnet-ficient GR203

Currently, I own 50+ bottles of nail polish (not counting the top coats), and most of it I haven't really used on all of my nails. I just swatched a color on one of my nails when I did a little rundown of the nail polish I own, and after that I have bought more than 5 bottles already. I could vacate this blog and open a new blog devoted to nail polish, but that would mean buying a lot of nail polish to sustain the blog, so I guess I will stay here and just blog about my nails every weekends. That would mean painting my nails twice a week, which I will do every Mondays and Thursdays.

Bobbie Magnet-ficient GR203

For today's post, let me share to you the only magnetic nail polish I own - Bobbie Magnet-ficient in GR203. I bought this in November, but it was just a few days ago when I applied this to all of my nails. Of all the nail polishes I hope to share here, I decided this would be the first one because they said the color of 2013 is green (I just found out today that it was Emerald Green and not just any green), so I went for this.

Prior to the day I bought this bottle, I have already read several blogs talking about this particular brand. I found it so unique and cute that I wanted to try it out, too, and on the day I finally decided to buy one, I went for the one with the asterisk design, as I felt it was a little cuter than the stripes one. There were several colors available that time, but since I don't own that much green nail polish and that it's quite rare to see an olive green color, I went for this.

Bobbie Magnet-ficient GR203

On my nails is one coat of  Bobbie Magnet-ficient GR203. As is, it looks good already, so I had no regrets buying this one. The shade of one coat looks good already, maybe next time I'd wear this color in two coats without the magnetic design.

Oh... the nail on my pointer finger had an accident (that's why it looks that way) - I was cutting onions when the knife glided on my nail. That incident made me feel grateful I love putting thick coats of nail polish, because if I didn't have any nail polish on, I surely have injured myself already.

Bobbie Magnet-ficient GR203

Anyway, if you still haven't used a magnetic nail polish, here's how:
  • Apply a thin coat of the polish on your nails and let it dry.
  • Take out the part of the cap with the magnetic design (as shown in the first picture).
  • Apply a thick coat of the polish in one of your nails and quickly put the magnet design on top of the nail, without touching it - about 1mm close, if you can. Hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds.
  • If the magnet design did touch your nail, quickly top it with another coat of the polish and repeat the process. 
  • Do the same process to the rest of your nails, working one nail at a time.
  • Allow it to dry and top with your favorite top coat.
Using the magnet was difficult for me in the sense that my nails are curved that only half of my nails captured the design. Even though that's the case, I was pleased to say that this manicure was easy-breezy for me - I only had to wipe the paint off one of my nails with nail polish remover because the whole magnet design hit my nail.

I did all the nails on my left hand first, and when it got dried, that's when I did my right hand - just so I won't have any accidents on my left hand.

Bobbie Magnet-ficient GR203

One of the things I loved about this nail polish is that it dries quick, even if I applied a very thick coat. If there's one thing I hope the nail polish manufacturer would do in the future was to create a curvy cap, so that people with nails like mine could maximize the magnetic effect on the nails. Also, I hope there would be more designs other than the asterisk and stripes.

The thrifty person in me found this - at 80 pesos - a little expensive, especially that most local brands can be bought at 35 pesos below (10ml on the average), but comparing it to the Internationally manufactured brands, this was quite a steal already. Just this afternoon, I saw a bottle of magnetic nail polish at 300+ pesos and it also had 10ml. 300 versus 80... I'd go for Bobbie!

With or without the magnetic effect, I loved this.

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