Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Best Wishes, Luiggi and Claudette!

I met Claudette just one time in the past - during Jessie's graduation. She was the very first one who greeted us (she and Jessie were classmates in college), and even if we weren't really able to talk much, I sort of already classified her as a friend.

Last December, she tied the knot, and even if I wasn't really part of the official list of invitees, a joke I told my sister (I wanna come to the event), allowed me to really be a part of it.

Luiggi and Claudette

I don't know the full lengths of their love story, but based on the vows they exchanged, Claudette and Luigi met in Kuwait, where they both worked sometime ago. It was indeed a very unexpected kind of love story as who would have thought that a Filipina and an American would meet in a foreign country, be friends, and fall in love? The wedding took place at a resort, as they were still saving up for a big church wedding in the future. For now, they just want everything to be official, so Claudette and their little bundle of joy can come back to Kuwait.

Enjoying the Cake

Obviously, Jessie wore a dress and a new pair of uber tall shoes (which I will share next time). I wore a semi-formal blouse (I had to put on a blazer as my arms are so big), but I didn't go super formal - I wore it with leggings and an Ipanema rubber slip-ons. I figured, it wasn't a "strictly formal" event, others were actually wearing T-Shirts and jeans, so I guess my outfit was just okay.

The wedding was attended by close family members and friends (I do feel honored to be here), and reception followed right after the ceremony. The couple danced to "It's Your Love" by Tim McGraw, and they were just sooo sweet! As a woman who still hasn't met her Mr. Right, I just felt a little tug in my heart, like... when will I meet my Prince Charming? Hahaha.

The After Party

After the ceremony, we were supposed to travel back home, but Claudette asked if we would like to have some drinks that their place. Thinking traffic would still be bad at that time, we decided to come with them. We didn't really drink a lot, but I had a bottle of San Mig Apple, a sip of white wine, a sip of sparkling wine, about 1/4 cup of Red Horse beer, and a sip of Jack Daniels (straight) - just to taste it.

We left the house about 10pm and was home about 2 hours after. I may be eight years older than my sister and her friends, but they welcomed me as if I was part of their clique. It was so nice to see Claudette again and interact with her family, and I am so happy that this early, she has already invited me to their daughter's baptism.

Best wishes, Luiggi and Claudette! Cheers to happiness and love.

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