Monday, January 14, 2013

Caronia Nail Polish | Sapphire

Happy new week!

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I got a little busy at home and I went out in the afternoon, so allow me to post another one of the oldies on my nail polish stash:

Caronia Nail Polish | Sapphire

Blue isn't a color I'd normally choose when buying nail polish. Of course back then, I see nail polish as an accessory and not an addiction, so I often go for something that would compliment my skin tone. This bottle of nail polish was something Jessie bought; I was actually surprised when she handed me this (together with another blue Caronia nail polish - Bliss), as I didn't know she would take interest in nail polish because her work doesn't permit her wearing nail polish on her fingernails and that she rarely changes the nail polish on her toe nails. When I asked her why she bought this, she just said she entered the pharmacy (which is also a mini-grocery store) to buy something, saw the nail polish and bought it. Needless to say, blue is her favorite color.

When I first used it - I really love swatching newly bought nail polish on one nail as soon as possible - it was already thick, making me think that it might be a very old stock. Even with the thick consistency, we were able to use it quite nicely.

I did a quick search on my old pictures, and I found out this has been in our collection since 2009. Whoa! This is clearly the oldest nail polish in our stash! Dang, I thought it was the Black Pearl (which I will share next time)! The bottle still has about 1/4 lacquer left, and I plan of using it until the bottle gets empty, provided it won't dry up.

Anyway, on my nails are two thick coats of nail polish, and I allowed one coat to dry completely before adding the next coat. This one has no top coat because I don't intend to wear it that long (I took it out after two days). This shade is almost similar to another Caronia nail polish (Dare), but this one has a deeper blue shade compared to Dare, which has a little bit of bluish-green tone (more of a very deep acqua blue shade) to it. I used to own a Dare, but I gave it to my cousin, who loves this shade of blue. If I see Dare on display, I will buy and swatch it so you guys can see the difference.

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