Thursday, January 10, 2013

Etude House Shopping

Last weekend, the girls and I went to the mall. Jessie and I initially wanted to buy a router because both of us can't use the Internet at the same time. She and I agreed we'll split the amount 50-50, but when we get to the mall, we immediately had lunch and walked towards to the supermarket. However, before we even reached the supermarket, I asked her if she wanted to enter Etude House first...

Etude House Products

... and shop we did.

Personally, I don't have that necessity to buy things. I now have a new lipstick and the cheek blusher sold at Etude House were quite expensive. But since Jessie needs to buy new cosmetics, I figured I'd buy something, too. We bought:
  • Drawing Snow Creamy Liner
  • Pudding Dia Shadow
  • See My Nails Shine nail polish (brown)
  • Cotton Candy nail polish (blue)
I only wanted to buy the blue nail polish because our cousin's wedding is coming near and part of her motif is is blue. Tiffany Blue to be exact, but I don't feel the need to find the exact color anymore because as what our cousin said, "It's just nail polish."

Anyway, at the counter, we were told our bill was nearly 1000 pesos, and if we want, we can put in another item to make it 1000 or more so we could have a much better freebie (Etude House gives freebies whenever your bill reach 500). That's when I put in the brown nail polish. As a freebie, we were given the 30ml tube of Baking Powder Facial Wash. We do own the Baking Powder BB Facial Wash, but since this is a different kind, we were thankful about it. :)

Will try to make a specific post about the eye liner and the eye shadow (forgot to take individual pictures before Jessie used them), but for sure you will read about the nail polishes and the facial scrub in the days to come. 

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