Monday, October 28, 2013

Klik Nail Polish | Candy Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I have seen many nail bloggers posting images of their pink nail polish / nail art. A few more days before the month ends, so let me share my pink nail polish as well.

Klik Nail Polish | Candy Pink
Klik Nail Polish | Candy Pink Klik Nail Polish | Candy Pink

I really love pink, though it is not my favorite color. I just love the girly, youthful vibe it exudes, and this shade of pink is just flattering. It's not very girly, yet it is not very mature as well.

Candy Pink by Klik Nail Polish has a thick consistency, but quite easy to apply. Although, one should go easy on the thickness of lacquer because thick formula tends to go goopy if applied in thick coats. As for my manicure, I used two medium coats, going with as less strokes as possible so the brush won't drag the nail polish and create bald spots. It dried fairly fast and was quite sturdy, so I didn't apply any top coat anymore, as I fear doing so would make the surface thicker than it already was.

This nail polish has a great opacity and pigmentation that one could go with one coat if desired. I once applied this on my mom's toenails and just went for one coat because she had to leave the house in a less than an hour and it needed to be dry before she wears her shoes.

Klik Nail Polish is now a trusted brand for me. Manufactured by Ming Mei Cosmetics, it is one of the cheapest nail polishes in the Philippine market, which retails for as low as 15 pesos, depending on where you're buying it. This company also manufactures another nail polish brand that I like - OMG Nail Colors, but if there's one thing I would suggest to the manufacturer of this nail polish, it would be to change their labels. The front label was just fine as I could tilt the bottle and show its sides when I take pictures of my mani, but the back cover needs a big change. They should include an ingredients list to ease concerns from its would be users, who are on the lookout for the big 3 ingredients they don't want to have in their nail polishes. OMG Nail Colors is big 3 free, but even I can't say the same for this brand because it has no ingredients list. In all fairness, I have used this brand for nearly one year and didn't experience any problems. I just hope they would do a label overhaul in time.

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