Friday, October 18, 2013

The Happies and the Crappies

Thank God it's Friday... but even if it's already the start of the weekend, I still have so many tasks to do, so let me now recap the week that was before I continue doing my assignment.

Great product purchases.

♥ Mom and I went to Watsons to buy her choice of hair tint, and while paying, the cashier told us about TRESSemme hair products, which were being sold at 50% off, as part of their introductory offering. We do have our own choice of hair products, but 450ml bottles for 165 pesos? That was quite a steal! Was it good? Heck yeah! Well, my hair has natural light curls (it's never really straight) and it's always frizzy, but our hair is just so soft and it smells so good. It wasn't able to tame my always fly-away hair, but we were happy with this purchase.

♥ More books at reasonable prices, making the worm very happy.

♥ I still have about 10+ nail polish bottles I haven't used yet, but it's been so long since I last bought this other addiction I have, so one time I satisfied myself buy buying more local branded nail polishes. I bought - Chic Nail Color {Grainy - Montana}, Klik Nail Polish {Ube Shake, Navy Blue, Lazy Pink}, Color Trends Nail Polish {Celebrity Seen}, and OMG Nail Colors {Purple Passion, Sunny Tan, Bunny, Salsa}. Quite a handful... but it will take more months before I will have another nail polish haul.

♥ Rains brought in a lot of mosquitoes and for some crazy, irritating reasons, it also drove some cockroaches out of their hiding places. This Baygon insect repeller + protector took care of our worries, and while there were still a few mosquitoes, I haven't seen any cockroaches since we sprayed nearly a week ago. It has an orange scent, too!

Happie / Crappie
Silver Shoes

Sister still hasn't bought her silver shoes for the wedding, so on her last day off, we went to the mall and checked out Payless Shoe Source. The store currently has a sale - some pairs as low as 375 pesos, something that really drove my Imeldific sister crazy. This was a happie and a crappy at the same time, because the salesperson told us that one of the pairs (right image) was priced 375 pesos, making sister bought it along with the other pair (left image - 575 pesos) and another one, which she can use at work. We were given 10% more discount for all the pairs of shoes, but when we got home we noticed that the supposed to be 375 pesos pair of shoes was priced at 500 pesos. We went back to the store to ask for an explanation and the cashier told it was the salesperson's fault... that the pair was actually 500 pesos and not 375 pesos. The incident was quite stressful (will tell more next Wednesday), but in the end we just accepted it. Afterall, 500 minus 10% was still a very cheap price for a good pair of shoes. However, crappy selling on their end now caused us to have second thoughts if we are going to purchase there again.

Baking my first oven toaster Fudge Rocky Road Brownies! Well, it wasn't 100% successful, but my gosh... it was so good that I don't think I would buy brownies anymore - I will just bake it at home!

Spending time with my family

No fancy food trips with the family, but each of the food we ate was made special because we were together.

Balancing the food intake.

Last week, I had food trips with the family, and one day my sister went home with grilled pork belly, which caused me dizziness and headaches for two days. I am pre-hypertensive, and even if I never had my blood pressure taken, I knew eating fatty pork was giving me negative effects. For the last three days, I haven't eaten pork yet, and was consuming mostly vegetables.

Crappies this week weren't that much, for which I was thankful.
Have a great weekend, everybody!

* Jenn *

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  1. Alright, I just ate breakfast and yet all the yummy food in this post is making me hungry! Seems like you had a great happie filled week! Happy Friday. Stopping by from the Happies and Crappies link up :)


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